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During the 90s here in the Philippines, most of the popular shows aired in local channels were random anime that involve mechas, magical girls, demon slayers and a whole lot more. I was around three, four or five(?) years old when I saw these shows with my sister back then.

While I was randomly browsing through the net, I suddenly remembered a tune and hummed it along for a while. Then I realized that I was humming the ending theme from Voltes V, an old mecha anime that aired in one of the local channels long ago.

Voltes V was a story of five people who piloted a large robot in order to defend the world from the invasion of the Boazanians. The Philippines was the first country to have aired outside of Japan. They even dubbed it in English back then. And as years have passed, they attempted to dub it in Tagalog afterwards. It was really popular during those days. And until today it’s still popular, as they air re-runs of the show as well. (I’m not sure if they’re still doing that now as I rarely watch anything on TV nowadays, but I’m pretty sure they would.)

Anyway, after that realization, I started to search for the music video on Youtube, and then the lyrics afterwards. By the time I checked the lyrics, it was only now I found out what the song was talking about. It’s really nice.

oya ni hagureta hinadori mo
itsuka wa yasashii futokoro ni
aeru ashita mo aru darou
da no ni naze meguriaenu chichi no kage
naku mono ka boku wa otoko da
shinjite'ru shinjite'ru sono hi no koto wo
kono te de chichi wo dakishimeru hi no koto wo


There will be a tomorrow
when even this little bird that turned from his parents
can someday return to their kind bosom, right?
Yet why can't I even meet father's shadow?
Am I going to cry? No way, I'm a man.
I believe, I believe in that day,
the day I embrace my father in my arms.

Although I may not remember much about how the story went in the anime, I do appreciate the theme and the music of this show. Maybe that’s why I was able to remember the song until now?

im always seeing people on the Sims 2 Soundtrack videos going “omg nostalgiaaaa 😭😭😭” “brb crying i wish i could play this game again” and im just like….hello…ultimate collection…the complete collection on games4theworld and other torrent sites like trust me EA doesnt fuckin care anymore and if youre PAYING for Sims 2 in this day and age then

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omfg Captain Underpants was SO MUCH FUN!! The nostalgiaaaa!! I was in elementary school again. And bless, a kid's movie that knows it's a kid's movie without forcing edgy dark melodrama while also maintaining a strong and positive message on creativity and friendship!!



I went to see this movie today, and I highly recommend it– if you can find a screening in your area, it’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

It’s from the same studio that did The Secret of Kells and it’s in the same spirit, so if you liked that you’ll love this one too!