Poorly Drawn Naruto

I was looking back at old Naruto for some good nostalgia…

And found this.

All of this.





This next one made it into the opening of the show.

The opening of the show.

And by far, my favorite…

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TURN BACK 2005 ♫: The year that Youtube launched, George Bush started his second term, Tom Cruise jumped on a couch, and Dumbledore asked Harry Potter “calmly” if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire. Take a trip down memory lane with these soon-to-be-decade-old tunes.

1. mr. brightside–the killers 2. feel good inc.–gorillaz 3. gold digger–kanye west 4. drop it like it’s hot–snoop dogg (feat. pharrell williams) 5. 1, 2 step–ciara (feat. missy elliott) 6. switch–will smith 7. beverly hills–weezer 8. sugar we’re going down–fall out boy 9. since u been gone–kelly clarkson 10. hollaback girl–gwen stefani 11. don’t cha–the pussycat dolls 12. my humps–the black eyed peas 13. behind these hazel eyes–kelly clarkson 14. we belong together–mariah carey 15. bad day–daniel powter 16. lonely no more–rob thomas 17. boulevard of broken dreams–green day 18. the ghost of you–my chemical romance 19. the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage–panic! at the disco 20. almost–bowling for soup 21. dirty little secret–all american rejects 22. photograph–nickelback

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jordan looking very meow

Remember how Star Trek Beyond is an actual Star Trek movie about the Enterprise crew and how all of them matter and all of them are important and it’s no longer the Kirk show but an actual movie about a CREW? Like, this movie is actually about the voyages of the starship Enterprise, not One White Action Hero, and the biggest most significant show of that point is the very last scene during which THE ENTIRE CREW speaks the words we’re all so familiar with.

Space. The final frontier.