THAT NEW EP WAS SOOO HYPE! OLD JACK IS BACK! So have this 3D painting I did for school


Yall im fuckin crYING my sister just bought me this from waterstones

Remember the Mr Men and Little Miss books??? Those were like my entire childhood and my sister’s too! And she saw these! And they had them for each doctor but she got me my favourite doctor oh my god

vanillalesbean  asked:

For the headcanon ask: hyperfangirl

send me a character and i’ll give an example of each

what I think realistically: autistic and borderline

what I think is fucking hilarious: shes a hot topic aficionado

what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends: pretty much any headcanon related to her parents, but i also think she left college early to live with a guy she thought was in love with but rlly had a pretty toxic ingenuine relationship with. she was way too clingy and couldnt take his hints to give him more space and he was selfish and rude about her interests and eventually cheated on her (and wrecked some of her stuff when breaking up with her).

what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway: i only say it doesnt work w canon bc she credits him for genetics, but that uncle lies is her stepdad, and her former (useless) therapist before her mom started courting him

Alfalfa - remembering a show I used to watch as a child. Did not remember much of the plot but I guess his hair always stood out haha :D. little watercolour sketch A6 format 140g watercolourpaper.

Lo que no decimos se nos acumula en el cuerpo, se convierte en insomnio, en nudos en la garganta, en nostalgia, en error, en duda, en tristeza. Lo que no decimos no se muere, lo que no decimos nos mata.