We’ve all seen parody trailers involving nostalgic characters from our childhood. From Daria to Hey Arnold! But what if you mixed all of the 90s cartoons that were considered “bad eggs” and add a little magic? Magic School Bus, that is! Well, my team and I did just that in this Magic School Bus/90s cartoon cross-over. We worked really hard to bring on those *feels* and would love to spread it across the interwebs so that everyone can partake in said *feels*.

Did a poster for Russian comics, cosplay and nostalgia festival.

Try to recognize everyone without looking at tags! Okay, hint: the robot is the mascot of the festival, so don’t count him!
And if you’re in Saint-P on 16-17 April, come see me!
(fighting for the table right now, but hopefully will win)


“Life comes up. Life goes down. There’s just one way to keep it going ‘round. Try a little longer, for your friends. Try a little a stronger, for your friends.”
                                       -Fraggle Rock Season 1: Episode 17 “Marooned”

Red Fraggle | imsosrsly
Boober Fraggle | pinkodak
Gobo Fraggle | nohtaram
Mokey Fraggle | an-eternal-wanderer

Photographer | ohduckzor

#Cosplayer @pixeladel with a stunning Princess #Zelda! #cosplay #nintendo

@Regrann from @pixeladel - “Time passes, people move…Like a river’s flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition… Young love will become deep affection… The clear water’s surface reflects growth…”-Princess Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Cosplay by @pixeladel ; 📷: @abbiewarnockphotography ; wig base is a Matilda @ardawigs ; lashes are @rockalash ; #rockalash #lashes #pale #zelda #zeldacosplay #zelink #princess #oot #hyrule #nostalgia #sunday #blonde #summer #cosplay #cosplayer#fb #tb visit for more cosplay! #regrann #fb #tb


After the portal to the Ghost Zone was closed for good, Danny Phantom and his team created the paranormal ghost hunting team, The PHANTOM FINDERS to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the human realm.

Join them as they uncover the mysteries surrounding the haunted Oak Hills Apartments!


Code Lyoko Warriors: Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern

We revisited an old favorite for Tsubasacon 2014! We originally wanted to work on these before wearing them again (there is a lot to fix and redo), but it was just too hard  for us to resist when people enjoy them so much! Thank you to all of the wonderful folks who took pictures of us! We had an awesome time.

Photos taken by: (x, x, x, xx)