allonsy-sociopaths  asked:

All time fav panic! songs?

there are multiple songs of theirs that i love, some more than others, i will pick a few

miss jackson - first song that i ever heard by them which made me fall deep into this hell

there’s a reason these tables are numbered honey you just haven’t thought of it yet - the drums, the beat, the piano, all of it is beautiful

mad as rabbits - the lyrics overall, beautiful and unique

nine in the afternoon - the nostalgia of it all, the way all four of them sing at the end, harmonizing beautifully

northern downpour - the way ryan sings beautifully, the way he and brendon sing as one, the way the band becomes one soul who pulls off this beautiful masterpiece

when the day met the night - its a love song, speaking beautifully about experiences which i can connect with

always - the lyrics speak clearly for themselves

the end of all things - jon and i’s song, tragic yet magnificent in it’s own silent, cautious way

la devotee - his fucking voice dude, holy shit

oh my god


watching Inuyasha again for the first time in 6 or 7 years was crazy. All the nostalgia just came pouring in and I couldn’t help but think about how my life was like when I was really little. That was my first anime, and how I discovered it a lot of shows in the first place. It was also the show that made me determined to make it as an awesome artist some day. 

I remember staying up every Friday to watch it with my little sister and being super stoked for every episode. I think I still have the movies somewhere in my room..

idk just rambling I guess. But that show does hold a very special spot in my heart.