nostalgia critic

Cinema-Based YouTube Channels for those are are bored of watching white men yell and make poop jokes during a movie review, call themself out on it, & then bask in how “woke” they are:

  • FoundFlix - Skits, movie endings/monsters explained, and spoiler-heavy content.
  • Lindsay Ellis - “Nostalgia Chick.” Offers intricate, well-thought out oral essays about many different forms of media, including movies, musicals, and tropes. (Her latest piece was an hour-long look at The Hobbit trilogy.)
  • CellSpex - Female Movie Reviewer, often concise & to-the-point.
  • Chris Stuckmann - Similar to Lindsay, he offers deeply-considered, organized interpretations of otherwise “avant garde” movies.

Jailbot wardens journey yesterday and today :y journeys where I met another robot, another WARDEN!!!! Nostalgia critic! @commanderholly I have found out I’m taller then sardonyx XD controlled team skull! Hanged out with dead pool~ a gingerbread cookie!! BIRD PERSON!!! *explodes* I’m considering drawing these as the characters XD that’ll be really fun!!