nostalgia whine

how to be happy:

1. don’t beat yourself up for loving other people more than you love yourself. it just means that your heart is larger than most. you focus on others’ strengths and forgive their flaws.

2. don’t invalidate your feelings. your screaming, whining, crying, nostalgia and over-thinking means you’re alive. you fought for something. didn’t you? you did your job.

3. don’t be ashamed of the goals you haven’t accomplished. you have dreams: you desire, you long, you grieve, and you are ambitious! i am proud of you for wanting so many things. it means you have vision and passion.

4. don’t fight yourself. you will be your oldest and only friend your whole lifetime. nobody knows how to heal your wounds better than you.

5. let people into your secret world. teach them all about you. when you do, you will feel good that someone wants to hear about what goes on inside your head.

6. be thankful for your heart and mind. sometimes we are unhappy with our exterior, but our thoughts and hearts compose our identity. be proud of the love you have and the love you desire to give.

7. keep a full stomach! don’t stay hungry, and drink water!

8. try to conquer small goals. you’ll find small thrills in the everyday things you accomplished. reward your wishes.

9. love others the way you long to be loved. this way you know you did one significant thing in this world.

10. be good. do the right thing even when your mind and body want to do otherwise. don’t be vindictive or regretful. let it go. do good even when no one is watching. this way when you meet the love of your life you can tell them with confidence about who you really are when no one is looking.