nostalgia vomit

i’m in a 90’s tv spiral on youtube and i’m watching commercials from 1995 right now and there was a commercial for that doll that came with makeup/hair crayons for the doll that you could like take in the bath with you cuz they washed right off and i remember i had that. so fast forward to when i was in the 4th grade i still had the makeup crayons and i had a crush on this boy named eric and i wrote his name on the wall of the tub with one of them but it like scratched it? so even when i washed it off you could still kinda see it and i got in huge trouble and it was sO embarrassing and we didn’t redo our bathroom until i was like in high school so in certain lights you could still see ‘ERIC’ scratched into our bathroom wall FOR YEARS oh my god what a dumb kid i was.