nostalgia to the max my god

I just saw the hilarious, surprisingly sweet Camp Camp Season 2 finale on YouTube, and oh, my God, I cannot wait to see where everything’s gonna go after that ending! Of course, there’s two things I want to happen:

1. David and Gwen adopting Max by the end of the series.

2. Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) making a guest appearance.

While I know there’s two more special episodes premiering this fall, I really hope there’s a Season 3 next year!


i drew some club penguin pingus because the game was my childhood and i loved that little game. joined in july ‘09, left the community in early ‘14 and back again because reddit was super distraught about the game closing 3 years later, and the flood of nostalgia of my childhood game only hit me in july. so heres human!Cadence (really i just needed practice drawing people), AA as the Director (this one i drew with a mouse so its kinda messy), and both JPG designs (god they made CPI JPG kinda hot) and also a herbert p edgebear and more pingu sketches.

CPI isn’t bad, just that im not in a postition where i can buy and keep a membership. so im determined to be one of the very few who makes it to max level while staying a non-member (currently at AA 5, RH 6, and RK 3, started daily doing the daily challenges in mid-july). sure, it has flaws, but i understand that reboot games like CPI always start off rocky.

I am willing to give Club Penguin Island a chance.