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ok so listen, i know i’m a few years too late to be posting phineas and ferb fanart, but i just rewatched a few episodes and got hit in the gut with nostalgia. this is the show that made me want to be an artist, and even if i don’t like it as much as i used to, it still means a lot to me 

i wanted to try something a bit different with the lineart so i drew canderemy :3 (i kept hearing the song he sings her inside an umbrella and i just had to ok)

not so happy with jeremy’s face but it’s just a doodle anyway lol

​Bittersweet nostalgia is making me feel the kind of chest-sinking sad-pain a lot, lately. For as much as that sucks, though, now it serves as a reminder that I have had things and people worth missing in my life, and I am still able to feel a way - any sort of way - about someone. Even if I feel so disconnected from the world and everything around me, even if I Am entirely disconnected, at least I still feel a desire for attachment rather than resigning myself to being OK with it.

Stubborn Love {SE Snippet}

Anons are hella mad about this potential SC June wedding. Like it’s ruining days. So I decided to write what a SE proposal could possibly look like (this is just one version I have many) so inbox me and/or reblog/respond to this fic with your own SE proposal headcanon. And yes, I chose this picture because this is the kind of ring I could see Stefan proposing to Elena with. Enjoy!

“Will you cooperate?”

“What are you talking about, I am cooperating.”

“You’re fidgeting.”

“I’m walking. Slowly too, because you don’t trust me to keep my eyes closed.”

Elena pressed her head on Stefan’s shoulder and smiled as she adjusted her hands so that her fingers covered the entire top half of his face. She kissed him on the cheek, a fat peck, and giggled as she saw Stefan’s lips curve upward into a grin.

“If you would just tell me where you’re taking me then —”

“Then it would defeat the purpose of a surprise, Stefan,” said Elena as she urged him forward, her feet right behind his as he shuffled down the hallway.  

“For all I know this could be a trap.”

Elena raised her head slightly and whispered into Stefan’s ear. “You’re just going to have to trust me.”

Stefan turned his head to the side and Elena moved her hand slightly so Stefan could peer at her through the spaces between her fingers. “I trust you with my life.” He leaned forward and kissed her and Elena sighed as their lips met, clenching his hair. She pulled away slightly and sighed.

“You can’t distract me,” she said though she was somewhat breathless. “Onward, soldier.” She put her hand back in its original position and angled Stefan’s head to the front. They kept walking, inch by inch, Elena biting down on her lower lip to keep her nervousness from getting the better of her.

Finally, she removed her hands. “You can look now.”

Stefan opened his eyes and blinked in the sight of the Salvatore Mansion. “The surprise is the porch?”

“It was going to be.” Elena pressed herself against Stefan’s body, her curves melding into the dips of his torso. She circled an arm around him and instinctively Stefan wrapped an arm around her back. Elena looked up to the roof. “Take me there,” she said.

Stefan looked at her, his eyebrows furrowed and then held her tighter as he readied himself. He pushed upward with his strength so that they rocketed into the air and then just as quickly as they left the ground they landed on the roof. Elena laughed and raised her head to his, kissing him once more before moving away from him.

That was when Stefan noticed the candles. Dozens of candles floating mid-air, a blanket on the middle of the roof on top of which was a champagne bottle and china, pillows and baskets of food.

“Bonnie helped with the candles, obviously,” said Elena. “And don’t worry I didn’t cook this. It’s takeout. I just thought it would look more quaint in wicker baskets with serviettes, you know how much I like quaint.”

Stefan grinned. “What is this?”

Elena clasped her hands together and brought them down to above her knees. “My proposal to you.”

He turned away from the candles and looked at her, his lips parting as he processed her words.

“I wanted to do this in the perfect place,” said Elena. “So I thought about the location for weeks and deciding turned out to be so difficult because everywhere in this town holds a perfect memory of us. I thought about the gym back at school because we went through some of our darkest moments there, we saw each other at our worst, at our most desperate in that room and we didn’t just get each other through it, we gave each other hope, strength. Every time.” She took a deep breath, trying to stop her face from flushing pink with emotion. “The carnival … it happens every year, it’s happening tonight and I thought about taking you there because when you took me, you did it to remind me to have fun, to not be afraid to live and I fell even deeper in love with you because of that. I thought about where my house used to be, the first time you cooked for me, my last kiss before I died and all of those moments in between. The porch, our first kiss, where you dared me to be happy..” Elena exhaled deeply. “But I chose here, the roof, you know why?”

Stefan shook his head wordlessly, clenching his jaw as a rawness reddened his eyes with unshed tears. Elena walked back toward him and took his hands in hers.

“When I had that first taste of blood I … the sadness I felt in that moment, I was sure it was going to kill me. I thought almost everything was going to kill me that year. But when I transitioned you took me up here to watch the sunrise, to give me my daylight ring and …” Elena smiled faintly, her eyes misted with nostalgia. “Just sitting here, the feel of you next to me, I had never felt calmer in my entire life, both of them. I knew I was going to be OK with you at my side but it’s more than that, I … I felt hopeful. That morning didn’t feel like the end of an old life but the beginning of a new one and you did that, you could always do that for me, show me the beauty of the world that I felt was punishing me.” Elena grasped Stefan’s hands more tightly. “Sitting with you on this roof, I was so at peace and that was miraculous because even when I thought my life was over, I was still able to hope because of you.  When I wanted to end it all after I turned my humanity on, you gave me hope again, like how you gave me hope after Alaric died and before that after my parents died.

This is where I said I would be with you forever if I wanted to be with you forever and I chose this rooftop because I do, Stefan. I do want to be with you forever and I always have even when it wasn’t in the way you wanted at the time, even when I hated you, even when you hated me, I always wanted you in my life forever and you were always going to be whether you knew it or not or whether you wanted to be or not because you’re a part of me. I’m never not with you, just like how I was never not on this rooftop. I never even had to come back because at least a part of me was always here. And I’m telling you this now because —”

“This is so like you.”

“What do you —”

Stefan let go of Elena’s hands and she furrowed her eyebrows. “Stefan—?”

He reached into his pocket and took out a small velvet box. “In those visions the travellers put in our heads, you couldn’t help but bungle my proposal plans, I guess it would make sense that you couldn’t help but do it now too.”

Stefan opened the box and Elena cried out, her hand on her stomach. “Stefan, that’s —”

“Your mother’s engagement ring? I know. Jenna gave it to me the day Katherine compelled her.”

Elena raised her head to look at him, a tear falling from her eye. Stefan smiled.

“She wasn’t fooled by our break-up routine and she gave me this because she said that we were the kind of couple that would always be a couple no matter what. At the time I saw no end in sight for us, us not being together was an impossibility but still, I asked Jenna, what if, what if one day you wanted something different out of your life, someone different in your life, shouldn’t he be the one to get the ring? She essentially told me to suck it up.”

“Jenna,” said Elena wistfully, shaking her head.

“She said you always find your way home and that she’ll kill me if I ever let go of this ring.. Elena …” Stefan looked at her, his gaze unforgiving in its intensity. “I have always wanted to spend my life with you. That day in the dive bar, that speech I made … that wasn’t make-belief, it’s what I’ve always felt, what I’ll always feel.” Stefan bent on one knee, making Elena sigh heavily.

“You asked me once who you are to me,” said Stefan. “And the answer is simple. You’re the love of my life. Nothing has ever changed that, nothing has ever threatened that, your hold on me is stubborn.”

Elena laughed.

“What about me? Is my hold on you stubborn? Stubborn enough that you’ll marry me?”

Stefan barely finished asking the question before Elena put her hands on either side of his face and pressed her lips firmly against his. She pulled away slightly. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, it is.” Quickly and with delicate fingers, Stefan took the ring out of the box and then slipped it onto Elena’s finger, she laughed again and kissed him, bending so that they were both on their knees.

“I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too.”

You're a Dad

Request: Can you do one where reader is Deans daughter, is all grown up and he finally understands that when she visits him thank you! And I loved the bobby one its so cute!!!

Dean x Reader (father daughter plutonic story)

A/N: So it’s pretty long but it’s got angst and fluff and everything so please let me know what you think!!!


You gripped the steering wheel tightly as you kept constantly looking back into your rear view mirror nervously. You were racing as fast as you could to the bunker in a desperate attempt to reach your father, and no matter how much you wished you could deny it you needed help.

Normally you were against asking for help, learning from your father and uncle through their example that it is not entirely necessary to ask, though later in life this proved to be wrong, but you were always open to it in a last option desperate attempt. And though this definitely qualified as one of those times that wasn’t the reason you felt so sick about doing it.

No, the reason behind this was that you needed help with hunting, something that even from a young age your father was explicitly against you doing. And so it was your greatest fear to face the inevitable “I told you so”.

See your father was the great, Dean Winchester, and you, being the nosey annoying child you were had learned at an extremely young age the truth behind your father’s secret activities. And ever since then you had begged your father to let you come along until finally at 14 he let you come along, though you stayed in the car you still couldn’t be happier. Finally at 19 he agreed to let you hunt on your own, though only salt and burns.

At 20 you left home, promising to stick to only salt and burns. And for the first few months you stuck to this promise until you got bored and took a vamp nest on. After this successful hunt you got cocky your hunts steadily increasing in risk until you reached your currently level, which happened through your killing of a high level demon thus setting whole armies of demons on you.

And now you were running home to daddy because you had fucked up and needed him to fix things. God you felt pathetic.

So you spent the entire drive trying to come up with an acceptable speech that didn’t make it sound like you were such a screw up. You may have been 21 but you still wanted your father to be proud of you and your current story would not instill that feeling in him.


You stood outside of the all too familiar front door of the bunker, a strong sense of nostalgia washing over you even though you had only been gone for a year.

You stood outside for a moment debating for a while whether to knock or just walk in before deciding it was safer to knock, less likely a chance of getting shot.

So you let four short raps on the door to be met with the barrel of your father’s gun moments later. As soon as he saw it was you he dropped the gun and brought his hands to either side of your face, looking deeply into your eyes sending another wave of nostalgia over you.

He used to do this when you were a kid. When you had a nightmare and went to him seeking comfort and were instead met with the barrel of the gun he kept under his pillow. Though the first time it sent you into a fit of tears eventually you got used to it and it stopped fazing you. But no matter your age your father’s reaction was always the same: placing his hands on either side of your face and staring deeply into your eyes asking repeatedly if you were ok.

The memory brought small tears to your eyes and a lump to your throat. You quickly pushed them back and forced a small chuckle through your lips. You brought your hands up to cover his “I’m fine dad”.

Your father grinned as he dropped his arms to your sides and wrapped them around you engulfing you in a giant hug that you gladly reciprocated.

Your dad stepped aside allowing you to get in as he yelled down to Uncle Sam “Hey Sammy look who’s here.”

You saw a tall man with a head long hair come out from around the corner.

“Uncle Sam!” You exclaimed happily as he dashed up the steps so that he could give you a hug just as your dad had done.

“Hey kid” He smiled happily causing you to roll your eyes.

“Not a kid anymore.” You reminded him.

“You’re always a kid to me.”

You finally let go of your uncle only to be met by your father’s fist hitting you in the shoulder.

“Ow” You shrieked, more out of shock than pain.

“That’s for not visiting me sooner.”

You bit your lip out of guilt though you knew he was joking it still reminded you of the past year. Though you would never admit it you had been avoiding coming home for more reasons than just shame. Your father had always treated you as a child and to be honest you had been avoiding coming home.

“I’m sorry” You whispered as your guilt got worse.

Your dad simply brushed it off with a small smile “So why don’t we talk in the library.” He said as he ushered you down stairs stopping shortly to grab some beer from the fridge.

You sat on one side of the table as he and your uncle sat on the other. Your father passed your uncle a beer but never grabbed you one. “What I don’t get one?”

Your dad smirked “Nice try little girl.”

You drew your eyebrows in confusion but didn’t get to question him as your uncle butted in with a simple “dude”

“What” Your father asked.

“She’s 21” You smiled slightly, uncle Sammy always stuck up for you.

Your dad opened his mouth to object but closed it as he realized your uncle was right.

Regretfully he passed his beer to you as you took a long pull from the bottle with a smirk on your face.

“So is there a reason you decided to come now or were you just excited to see your old man?”

You gulped nervously and wrung your hands beneath the table. “Unfortunately there is a reason.”

You saw them both tense up slightly and lean forward. “Y/N what’s wrong. Do you need money or something?” Your dad asked causing you to huff.

“I-uh-went on a hunt a while ago.” You started nervously as both of their attention was focused solely on you, all smiles gone from their face. “It was a demon case.”

“You went on a demon case!” Your father exclaimed in anger. “what were you thinking?!? You could have been killed!”

“Dad-“ You tried but were cut off.

“No! Y/N that was reckless and stupid.”

You growled under your breath and leaned back in your chair, crossing your arms. “Are you done yet?”

Your dad huffed and mirrored your body language not saying anything while your uncle spoke up. “Please continue.”

You took a deep breath before doing so “I killed a demon who ended up being high up in the hierarchy.” Your father immediately leaned forward. “I now have over a dozen demons on my trail.”

Your uncle and father stood up so fast that their chairs tipped over. “Where?”

“Last I had checked they were in a warehouse about two towns over.” You finished in a voice barely above a whisper.

Without a word they were off, gathering every weapon in their possession.

“We’ll be back in a few hours.” Your father growled as he made for the car.

“Wait I’m coming with you.” You called as you ran after him.

“No you’re not” Your father argued “You’re-you’re-you’re too-“

“too what dad?” You all but yelled. “I got myself into this mess so I’m going to help get up out.”

You could practically see the internal battle your father was having with himself before he finally nodded. “But you’ll need a weapon, we’ve only got one demon blade” He reminded you as if that would deter you.

“I’ve got a bunch of bullets made up in the back of my car.” You smirked as you ran outside popping the trunk.

Your father followed you with a grim expression on his face, but that quickly disappeared as he saw your arsenal. “Where did you get all of this stuff?”

You shrugged as you picked up several packs of ammo “Here and there.”

You got into your car and started the engine while your dad stood there in shock, as if seeing all of your weapons suddenly made it real for him, his baby girl was a hunter.


You arrived at the warehouse and you began to load your gun while your dad outlined his plan. “Sam you’ve got the bottom floor and I’ve got top. Y/N just-uh-keep watch, make sure none of them escape.”

“You’re joking right” You said.

“No.” Your dad glared at you “you are going to stay back and stay safe. You’re not ready.”

“Not ready?!?!” You all but yelled “Dad I’ve been hunting on my own for a whole year. I can do this!”

“Salt and burns do not count”

At this you chuckled under your breath “Do you honestly think I’ve only been doing only salt and burns for a whole year?”

Your dad’s eyebrows raised as his mouth dropped open slightly. You were a lot of things but disobedient was not one of them.

“How do you think I ended up killing a high-level demon? Because I can guarantee it wasn’t on a salt and burn.”

Your dad’s jaw clamped shut “Fine. But you stay behind me at all times.”

You huffed but nodded knowing that was as best as his offer was getting.

Your dad and uncle shared a look before walking in different directions, you running after your dad.

Your dad and you sat on either side of the door, your dad giving you a countdown for when you would fling the door open. He stepped through it and held his gun up and you followed behind.

Immediately inside there was a demon, your father without a second thought reached for the demon knife and stabbed him leaving his back vulnerable. Another demon came from behind and you shot fast and it landed right between his eyes.

At the sound your father jumped up, his eyes immediately moving to the demon than to you. His face in slight shock that he covered quickly. He gave you a small nod before moving on causing you to smile.

You followed behind him and a demon sprang from your right, you fired off a shot before your dad could even raise his gun.

His gaze moved back to you in amazement before another demon came at him from behind. You fired off another shot nailing him in the head again.

Your dad starred at you and opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by another voice “Clear down here.”

Your dad shut his mouth and went off to check the other rooms. You heard a few more shots ring out but didn’t move from your spot. You were ecstatic, you had just proved yourself and in that moment you knew that your father was proud of you, and he didn’t need to tell you.

You saw your dad came back around and he immediately brought you into a side hug and placed a kiss on your head.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him “You did good kid” He mumbled into your hair.

You heard the loud sounds of your uncle’s footsteps as he came up the stairs but your father never let go.

Your uncle cleared his throat and your father reluctantly pulled back. “So where to next?”

You let out a soft smile and shrugged “Don’t know yet, wherever the road takes me.”

Your dad chuckled and looked at the ground. “Promise you’ll call.”

“I’ll call” You nodded.

“Good” Your dad smiled.

Your uncle mirrored his smile and approached you bringing you in for a hug “I’m gonna miss you kid” He whispered planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“I’m going to miss you too.” You chuckled.

Your uncle pulled back and patted your father on the shoulder before walking out of the building leaving you and your dad alone.

He walked towards you and wrapped his arms around you again. “You did really well.” He whispered

“Thanks” You smiled.

Your father pulled back from you but held you at arm’s length “No I mean it.” He said as you could feel the tears prickling at the back of your eyes “Your instincts were amazing, your reflexes were stellar and your judgment impeccable. You. Were. Amazing” by now there was a large lump in your throat as a single tear slid down your cheek and you wiped it away immediately.

Your wrapped you flung yourself into your father’s arms and clung to him tightly “I love you so much.” You choked out.

 “I love you too.” He said, his voice cracking loudly.

You both held on for a little bit longer before pulling back, both of you clearing your throats and wiping at your eyes.

“So my father gave me this when I started hunting alone.” He said slowly as he dug through his pockets “So I think it’s time I do the same” He finished as he pressed something into your hands. You looked down to see the impala’s keys.

Your mouth ran dry and your jaw dropped in shock. “No-“

“You deserve it” Your father cut you off as he shoved his hands into his pockets “You are an amazing hunter, and an amazing person” He took a deep breath before continuing “And I couldn’t ask for a better child” His voice cracked but your eyes never left his.

You grinned as you looked down at the keys. “Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love the car but I can’t take it.”

Your father opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off with a raise of your hand “These” You held up the keys “they’re a symbol, they were your father’s so they remind you of him, so you see you need them more than I do” You said tossing the keys to him before continuing “You’re father was taken from you but I still have mine.”

Your father swallowed and looked down at the keys chuckling slightly “When the hell did you get so grown up?’ He said as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders bringing you into a side hug as the two of you walked down the stairs and out of the building.

“It’s surprising to me too, I mean I’ve got you as a father” You joked causing your dad to laugh.

“Seriously though I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too.” You smiled before walking over to your car. You offered a smile and a wave before getting in and backing out.

Your dad and uncle leaned against the impala and watched as you drove off. “You did a good job” Sam said.

“Nah” Dean shook his head “That’s all her.”

“Yeah” Sam nodded “I still remember when she was a kid, running around the bunker, knocking over anything and everything.”

Dean laughed loudly, throwing his head back. “Yeah, I remember that, but I don’t remember her ever growing up.” His voice grew hollow and his gaze was fixed off in the distance “It was like one day I woke up and she was a woman.”

Sam stared at his brother, a small smile ghosted on his face.

“I think I wished that she would stay young forever so much that I just ignored any signs of her growing up.” His voice broke and a tear slipped down his cheek “I just-“ the lump in his throat swelled “I wish I could do it all again-that I could pay more attention.” Another tear slipped down his cheek “I miss her.”

Dean looked over at Sam to see him grinning like an idiot. He quickly wiped his eyes and pushed his brother “What are you so happy about?”

“You’re a dad.” Sam stated simply.

Dean rolled his eyes “Yeah, have been for the past 21 years, glad you finally noticed.”

“No” Sam chuckled “That’s what makes you a father, simply having a child, but truly caring makes you a dad and you truly care. You gave that girl the world, you would do anything for her, you love her more than anything in the world, you are a dad”

Dean bit his lip and looked at his feet, chuckling slightly “Yeah, I guess I am.”

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Imagine SteveBuckyNatSam debating the merits of books vs. ebooks.

steve and bucky are both huge fans of ebooks because “they’re so practical! you can have like seventeen books on it and it takes up so little space! technology is amazing.” whereas sam and nat are very pro traditional books because “there’s nothing quite like holding a real book and hearing it’s pages rustle and feeling the rough paper against your fingertips and, most importantly, smelling that special book smell”

steve and bucky are silent for a few moments, and then start laughing. “jesus sam, you sound like a hallmark card. are you in love with books? it’s ok, i’m not mad, i just need you to tell me the truth. do you love books more than you love us??”

sam sighs. “y’all just don’t understand nostalgia”

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omfg, ok so i was here long before your star wars phase & always looked at it slightly bemusedly, like ok kid sounds fascinating but not my thing. BUT THEN I READ YOUR PADME FIC & i basically fell in love with it. so i watched rouge one & one thing led to another...but seriously you are amazing

Listen. I was cruelly deceived into liking Star Wars last year, when The Force Awakens somehow generated immense fondness and nostalgia for films I had never watched all the way through.

If I have to live in this pit of inevitable tragic arcs and bad Discourse, then I’m taking all of you with me.

“I’ll Slow Down For You Any Day”

Author: Kennedy

Characters: Reader, Pietro Maximoff, with mention of other Avengers members

Story: The team tries (and nearly fails) to distract the reader throughout the day while Pietro plans a surprise for her

Rating PG for chaste kissing and language 

You watched as Clint setup the table, occasionally smiling awkwardly at you. He seemed to be purposely taking his time taking out the ques, prepping the chalk, and setting each pool ball in it’s proper place, but his mind was clearly on something else.

Crossing your arms, you raised an eyebrow at his unusual behavior and finally said, “Clint, what the heck is going on?”

“Hm?” was all he replied, never taking his eye off the eight ball he was placing.

“You have been acting weird all morning. Actually, all of you have. So what’s up?”

“Why would you think something was up?”

You let out an annoyed sigh and turned to Steve, who was casually hiding behind a newspaper on the couch.

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i hate that people are so damn defensive over the “classics” of things and allow no room for others to prove themselves because they are not “classics”, goes for games and books and any other form of media really, like after sitting in english as an aspiring writer and hearing nothing but a circlejerk all of high school about how Shakespeare will never be topped, no writer will ever be as wonderful as him, all these books with messages and ideas that appeal very little to me and are incredibly outdated with a rigid curriculum that will probably never add books that deal with the issues i am currently facing, when i have read plenty and plenty of novels and poems that i have resonated with more made by young authors who will never be recognized because they don’t have a famous author name already stamped onto them or a famous author mentor - the whole reason any of these things are classics is because people decided to branch off and do something different and it appealed to people at the time anyway, i understand that X game should have won a contest because it is a “classic” to you but being a classic does not MEAN anything and it is not a stamp of superiority over every new thing to come out, sorry, can’t be topped, “classic” means nothing to me except “did something kinda new or quirky probably” but there are always games and movies and books doing something new and doing something great but you’re all too busy reminiscing about things that have had their part in the history of this world to branch out and discover that there are millions of people creating works of art every day that are just as insightful, impactful, and revolutionary as things of the past. it’s ok to like classics, it’s ok to have nostalgia, but you’re too defensive over these feelings you’re really missing out on a very vast & creative & diverse world, there is infinite space for classics in this world so there’s no reason to gatekeep like your life is at stake