nostalgia festival


Hooray hooray, it’s #FridayReads! It’s a frosty Friday here in Washington, DC, so I’m curling up with Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom – my library hold finally came through, AWW YEAH!

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer is still having his tiny mind blown by The Master and Margarita.

Arts Desk Editor Nina Gregory is rereading A Wrinkle in Time, which prompted an email-chain nostalgia festival with the rest of us.

Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates is working on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ excellent essay in the Atlantic, “My President Was Black,” and also feasting her eyes on Nichelle Gainer’s new Vintage Black Glamour volume: “Gorgeous book with gorgeous photos of black men from all walks of life (ambassadors, entertainers, artists, athletes, etc) from the early 19th Century through the 70s.“

And Boss Lady Ellen scored an advance copy of The Way of the Strangers, Graeme Wood’s book on the Islamic State – stay tuned for an interview with Wood on Morning Edition next week.

What about you?

– Petra

Did a poster for Russian comics, cosplay and nostalgia festival.

Try to recognize everyone without looking at tags! Okay, hint: the robot is the mascot of the festival, so don’t count him!
And if you’re in Saint-P on 16-17 April, come see me!
(fighting for the table right now, but hopefully will win)

Nostalgia festival day 1

So mum dropped me off at around 11am and I wandered around for a while. Oh the stalls there ~ and the atmosphere~ I love it. Turns out two of my friends entered best dressed and one got second place. Waitwait. I’m getting ahead of myself.


Nostalgia festival is a rather famous thing in our region. It’s an appreciation of old days, namely the 50s. It used to mainly be a festival to showcase vintage cars, but now it has rockabilly stalls and the like. People dress up all pretty like and it is awesome.

So I walked around a lot and ended up with a lot of fairy floss the size of my head and I had a good day.

Going back tomorrow. More cars. :3