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Happy Hobbit Day, everyone! I have a lot of fond memories of the Hobbit fandom - I got more confident with my writing and actually started writing actively thanks to you guys, I got to meet a lot of great people, and overall had a good time. <3 So here’s to all of you!


Our Harry Dreams.

In order of oldest to newest


Rival - Painter!Harry AU
The Harry I imagine
Part 1

1. Pregnancy Problems

Dad Harold. In which you go through the good and not-so-good of pregnancy.

2. Breaking Point  Part 2*

SMUT. In which you miss him so much you reach breaking point.

3. Worried Sick*  Part 2*

Dad Harold. In which your daughter is irresponsible.

4. Changing Rooms*

In which he reassures you of your worth.

5. Big Spender

Dad Harold. In which you have a problem with his problem.

6. Figuring it out*

Dad Harold. In which you have a typical mom day and your son comes out.

7. Cuddles are the Best Remedy*

In which Harry comes home sick.

8. Noticed

SMUT. In which your horny and Harry just won’t pay attention to you.

9. Locked out*

In which Harry comes to rescue you…eventually.

10. Chaos*
Dad Harold. In which you have to leave and Harry is left to hold up the fort at home.

11. Missin’ It
Dad Harold. In which a quiet night in stirs up some nostalgia for Harry.

12. Active*
SMUT. In which you and Harry are always having sex and you fall pregnant.

13. Mute*
LIGHT SMUT. In which Harry is on voice rest and you are very stressed.

I’m curious - how active is the khr fandom on here? I’ve been lurking in the tags, but I have no clue how recent the posts are. Are there any khr fanfic writers on here? I just want some people that are still interested in this fandom to talk to. 

((Man I just realized that soon I will have been in the bd/daily community for an entire year… and god have things changed. For better and for worse… though I do miss those more innocent times tbh


Keith Haring painting a mural on Houston Street and Bowery in Manhattan, 1982.  

This was Keith’s first major outdoor mural. It became an instant downtown landmark after Keith painted it in the summer of 1982. The mural was up for only a few months in the summer of 1982 before it was painted out but its image remains imprinted in the memory of many people who were part of the downtown artist community in the early 1980s. 

In 2008 the Keith Haring Foundation, Goldman Properties and Deitch Projects recreated the mural using the extensive photographic documentation of the original work. The work was unveiled on May 4, 2008 the day that would have been Keith Haring’s 50th Birthday .

Keith’s former collaborater, graffiti artist Anel Oritz (LA II) contributed by tagging the wall and filling in the negative space with an intricate black interlocking pattern.

The recreation was on display until 2009.

It is a nostalgic time right now, and photographs actively promote nostalgia. Photography is an elegiac art, a twilight art. Most subjects photographed are, just by virtue of being photographed, touched with pathos. An ugly or grotesque subject may be moving because it has been dignified by the attention of the photographer. A beautiful subject can be the object of rueful feelings, because it has aged or decayed or no longer exists. All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt. 

Susan Sontag, On Photography

tardisgrump  asked:

Well since you found the fics true owner i'll send this one again : could you do a teen au were everyone goes out to like shenanigans and stuff and space kid (teen now i guess ) shows the reader all he knows about space and the reader just realizes how big of a crush they have on him

Here it is, this time it’s the right one! I hope you enjoy friend

Space Kid had grown up.

           Y/n watched him get out of his vehicle, and gasped under their breath. All the old campers had gotten together at the camp for a weekend of nostalgia and illegal activity. They had driven with their best friend, Max, to the camp. He had grown up as well, still skinny, but with a little more muscle and a healthier color. He still had horrible bags though, and his eyes still had that cynical defiance. But Y/n knew he was much happier now that he was with David and Gwen (I’m here for dat Davdid AU).

           “You’re staring at him.” Max snorted, opening the driver door. Y/n stuttered, opening their door- blush dusting their cheeks. “I-I am not!” Max barked a laugh, “Sure.” And walked over to Neil and Nikki, who were eagerly awaiting the two of them. Y/n still couldn’t stop looking at Space Kid, and how…grown up, he had gotten.

           He had ditched the fishbowl, and his hair had grown out a little. They could see his face a lot more clearly now, slightly chubby with beautiful brown eyes and hair. He had grown into his body, and was surprisingly more muscular than they thought. Probably all that training for becoming an astronaut. They noticed the NASA pin on his jacket, and wondered if-

           “HELLO, Y/N!!!” Nikki exclaimed, nearly tackling them in a bone-crushing hug. They turned away from Space Kid, greeting Nikki with a smile. “It’s been awhile! How are you!” “I’m doing AMAZING!!! High school’s been great, I’m the quarter back of the team…” She rambled on and on, bouncing from situation to situation in a blink of a moment. Neil and Max had come to join the two, watching the buff, blue haired girl jump and roll in the dirt. The three friends looked at eachother, smiling. She hadn’t changed at all.

           The night had been wild from start to finish. Max had been the spearhead of the group, taking them to weird places, telling stories of past camp experiences. Y/n and Space Kid were staying pretty close together throughout the night. His squeaky voice had gotten a little less nasally over time, but not his passion for space.

           He rambled on and on, about the new moons that NASA had found, the possibilities of life on some faraway plants. Before they knew it, the two had made their way away from the group, into the activities field. Y/n stared at him as he talked, smiling. He was so happy, so bright. Just like those stars he loved to talk about out.

           The two had sat down and looked at the stars, still talking. The moon shined on his adorable cheeks, his shining smile. Y/n continued to stare at him, almost letting themselves stroke his face-but pulling back last second. It had hit them


I have a crush on Space Kid.


Keith Haring creating street art in Japan. Photos by Juan Rivera, 1988.

“The context of where you do something is going to have an effect. The subway drawings were, as much as they were drawings, performances. It was where I learned how to draw in public. You draw in front of people. For me it was a whole sort of philosophical and sociological experiment. When I drew, I drew in the daytime, which meant there were always people watching. There were always confrontations, whether it was with people that were interested in looking at it, or people that wanted to tell you you shouldn’t be drawing there…”

“I was learning, watching people’s reactions and interactions with the drawings and with me and looking at it as a phenomenon. Having this incredible feedback from people, which is one of the main things that kept me going so long, was the participation of the people that were watching me and the kinds of comments and questions and observations that were coming from every range of person you could imagine, from little kids to old ladies, or art historians.”  - Keith Haring 

(Keith Haring: The Last Interview,” Arts Magazine, September 1990)