Casi hago llorar a mi maestra con esto. Yo sé que está largo pero espero algunos buenos lectores lo lean: Cortazar said “Everything can be killed except nostalgia, we carry it in the color of our eyes, in every love affair, in everything that deeply torments” Nostalgia, is, for me, that pain and happiness that comes of remembering the good times. That suffer of thinking in the things we lost. Nostalgia is that feeling when we need something or someone and is not with us now. When what makes us happy isn´t there anymore, it went away and leave us there incomplete, and everything changes. For example, I´m nostalgic of those days I used to spend with my boyfriend, just laying on the couch. I loved to hold him tight, watching a movie and fall asleep in that way. I think it´s obviously that almost all the people is nostalgic of their childhood. It´s the best time of our lives, when all we have to be worried about was the school and not to lose our toys. And I can´t say that i´m nostalgic of that, because I can´t remember it. But I don´t feel nostalgia of the huge moments like weddings, birthdays… I just don´t. I´m nostalgic of the little things, like just of hearing a “i´m proud of you” of my parents, that feeling when I hold the hand of my boyfriend for the first time and when I saw him in the eyes and realize that I was falling in love, deeply… those little things that ended being the big ones. I think that we’re almost all more nostalgic of the first and the last time that the things happen. The first time that we went to that special place, the last moment we spent with that person that now is gone… We´re too nostalic of the opportunities we lost and the posibilities we let go. And, to finish, i think that nostalgia is something that we have to be careful about. Is not good to be carry away by the nostalga and forget about living. Because, just like Stephen Chbosky said: things change, and Friends leave. Life don´t stop for anybody.