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Hiii Admins keke~ I love this blog so much like I go on it everyday and I feel like it completes my life *-* xD since I'm going back to school really soon, I want to ask what are your favourite kaisoo high school au's? PG or NC-17, it doesn't matter heh heh. Thank you so much~! <33

fall into place - nc17 - this is literally my favorite thing in the world! football player jongin vs soccer player kyungsoo, lots of angst, lot’s of nice making out YUS warning: bullying, homophobia

  • they were not friends - pg - ageswitch, angst, i lovely this mucheu
  • how to disappear completely - pg15 - very sad! very angst! very onesided! very jealousy!
  • summer boys - pg - very cute!!! newspaper and milk boys!!! VERY CUTE!!
  • if you call i’ll come to you - g - i realize this is college au but! too cute! puppy jongin! not literally u no
  • second confession - g - can it get more adorable jongin’s a loser!! in this!! which is y i like it so much u no
  • social experiment - pg13 - dancing! kyungsoo’s the master of disguise!
  • miscalculation - uhhh i don’t really remember i just know it’s pretty good! lots of angst and love/hate also warning: bullying, rape, psychological abuse, and more
  • i’ll never let you go - g - my fave?!!? i’ll never get over this just know that no matter what i will always rec this fic because i’ve read it more than i’ve done many things
  • don’t wake me up - pg15 - I’M A WRECK I LOVE THIS onesided kaisoo angst love i m dead 
  • babe-raham lincoln - pg13 - sO fuckING FUNNY because my sense of humor is abysmal
  • once upon a withered rose - pg13 - look i’m not saying i didn’t cry
  • rumors/gossip - g - my fave these literally de-age me i feel young when i read these

~ Admin G could keep going forever! But I won’t, because that’s impractical.