noslowsongs  asked:

tumblr blackout?

Everyone’s getting super butt-hurt by David Karp and the tumblr team. Missing E is no longer available for new downloads, ask box features have been modified, and everyone’s crying about it because they’re children and don’t understand how things work. 

MYTH: Anyone using Missing E will be banned and Karp changed the ask box functions because he was jealous how others are so way more popular than him also he eats puppies.

FACT: Missing E did not abide by Tumblr’s API rules. I love Missing E to death and will continue to use it, but if it didn’t follow the rules, it didn’t follow the rules, and Tumblr has every right to shut that shit down. As it is, anyone who still has Missing E installed (like moi) will not be banned. Tumblr never said they would; in fact, they’ve said multiple times that they will not ban users or force an uninstall. So anyone who’s saying that and freaking out and blacking-out because of that is just an idiot.

Anyone else notice that since the ask box features were modified, there have been fewer spam bots? I haven’t gotten any spam since. So I’m not going to complain. It’s a little annoying but Karp is right, tumblr was never meant to be a substitute for e-mail/chat/skype. 

It’s undetermined if he eats puppies or not. 

BASICALLY, the people who are doing a blackout–aka, 24 hours of no posting because this is apparently going to make a difference to Karp–are all the young teens who post hipster pictures and fancy themselves ~photographers~ and ~poets~ and ~super emotional~ all the time. They contribute little original content and are the reason that tumblr doesn’t work half the time. I’ll fully enjoy 24 hours without them clogging up my blogging outlet with their insane reblogging.

noslowsongs  asked:

words cannot express my love for you dear. and, when the day comes where i finally realize that i'm a horcrux and tell you i'm going into the forrest, and you reply with "i'll go with you", i will tell you "no. kill the snake", and you will understand that what i'm really saying is "i want you and your new boyfriend to live and be happy and make this world better". and then we'll hug. don't worry though, i feel like things will all work out.

even when i’m cold and sad and lonely, i will dance with you, because you make me smile and you know how to cheer me up because you are my best friend and i’ll stick with you until the very end. <3