The other day I had a sudden urge to draw some Stitch sketches and decided to ink this one traditionally out of the bunch. I used ink brush pen. Slapped some digi colors on it for kicks. 

Hes one of my favorite Disney characters. I’m fond of alien Stitch more if you couldn’t tell. 

Jippo and Oswald.
My twin sugar glider boys.

Jippo is the happy go lucky younger brother, he always glides to the front of the cage whenever I come near. He never barks or complains and he gets along with anyone who holds him. 
Oswald is….my lovable problem child. He is very fidgety, barks for attention, steals Jippo’s treats and crabs when I hold his pouch. Plus, hes a fatty and an alpha glider. BUT I still love his big fat butt.  Jippo loves blueberries and melon while Oswald loves peas and corn but they both love their yogies. Yes yes.