Ok, so in the TVD fandom i’m always sad to see some ship wars, this gave me an idea !

I’m gonna make graphic of ALL THE SHIP SUGGESTED (inside the show) even if i don’t ship them. The aim is to spread the love in the fandom.

Here is how this is gonna go :

  1. YOU suggest ideas of ship in my ask (TVD only for the moment)
  2. I make the graphic (when i have time lol)
  3. I’ll tag is NOSHIPWAR =}

If you like that i might even do it for some other fandom =}

Brit Croft

PS : feel free to use this tag as well to spread love with me !

List of TVD ships (NOSHIPWAR challenge)

In alphabetical order :

(here are all the ships (romantic or bromance)  asked so far, click to see the graphic it if exist already)

Well for some ship i had to make out names cause i don’t really know how to call them !

AND A VERY SPECIAL SECTION, ship that are between a character and …

  • Caroping = Caroline + Kidnapping/Torture
  • Darbon = Damon + bourbon
  • Doap = Damon + the soap dish
  • Drug = Damon + a rug 
  • Eligger = Elijah + the Dagger
  • Klamp = Katherine + the Lamp