DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like it, scroll on.

Hey guys, sorry this isn’t art related but it’s something that means a lot to me and it needs to be talked about more and more.

I’ll start with saying that I’m really happy that over the past couple of years ladies have started easing up a little on what I used to think was the unshakable western 1950’s beauty fads. Mainly the god awfully uncomfortable bras with the wire, 50% padding, and cheap bedazzlement flashy enough to wave down airplanes with your boobies. Also I’m talking about the societal pressure that you have to shave your body on a constant basis to be any form of attractive. *BREATHE*

A few years ago I started thinking more and more why I “have” to do certain things that I don’t enjoy. I started wearing lace bras and only occasionally shaved (btw this hasn’t affected how much I smell/sweat but it has made me cut back on deodorant which also has helped me sweat less). My family is great for letting me know when I am doing something “weird” I love them and they are the only ones that I usually allow to pick on me for these things. After bugging me by pinching my nips through my shirt, sending razors in the mail and gasping at me when I show them my armpits I can honestly say I’m pretty damn confident about it now. The more I think about the rules in this world, the more I want to fuck with them.

Now I’m super stoked to see that pit hair is becoming a trend, it’s nice to know it’s okay to choose what you do with your body and your life. My boyfriend loves it and thinks I’m MORE attractive because I am confident. After talking to my sister she was even wanting to grow HER pit hair out and dye it. Anyways, if you ladies don’t feel comfortable in bras or shaving constantly you don’t need to wear them or shave…just be sure to walk quickly through the frozen foods aisle. If anyone has a problem with those things don’t feel like you need to care.