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Lana Beniko is not amused.

so i'm just schlepping around town grabbing some tchotchkes and i run into this meshugener while i'm grabbing a nosh at this cafe that this one mensch owns (he's friends with the rebbetzin, they're pretty much mispocheh) and i'm about to plotz bc of all this gornischt he's talking and the mensch that owns the place drops by to say hello and he knows the guy is a schmuck so we look at each other like what a pain in the tuchus

angst tiiiime. drv3 girls reacting to their s/o being killed.

Awwwww yeah, angst time.

Maki Harukawa

  • she can’t really believe it.
  • you promised to never leave her, so why should she believe it?
  • you wouldn’t do that.
  • but…she saw the body.
  • she doesn’t remember a lot after seeing the body. she remembers feeling completely numb and freezing cold, and leaving the room.
  • did she even investigate?
  • no
  • she’s still shaking.
  • she has nothing to say during the trial. she’s completely lost, how could somebody do that to you?
  • perfect, happy, kind, caring you?
  • then the rage hits her and it is uncontrollable.
  • it hits the second she knows who the killer is, and she wants them dead.
  • she wants to be the one to kill them, with her own bare hands, but…
  • you wouldn’t want that.
  • but she’s just so angry and she wants them to suffer.
  • she doesn’t remember when she started yelling, but now she’s being held back because she is going after your killer, tooth and nail.
  • when she realizes she is being held back and can’t get to them, she’s sobbing, screaming that there has to be justice, that you need to be avenged, but
  • she knows you wouldn’t want that.
  • now she’s crying hard because she doesn’t know what to do without you, she doesn’t know what to do at all.
  • she needs you to come back…
  • please don’t leave her here all alone.

Kirumi Toujou

  • she knows who your killer is.
  • she doesn’t know how she knows, but she can just feel it.
  • and she is on a warpath.
  • where are they hiding? where did they go?
  • they better pray to all the gods above that she doesn’t find them. ever.
  • because she will end them.
  • she knows you wouldn’t want that, but she wants it more than anything, and she’s a strong-willed woman.
  • what? investigation is already over?
  • perfect. they have to come to the trial.
  • it takes half the class to keep her from getting to your killer, she wants blood, how DARE somebody even dare to lay a FINGER on you, much less something as vile as a weapon.
  • she can’t even think about how broken she is, how much she’s hurting, how she’s screaming in agony on the inside, all she can think about is destroying the person that hurt you.
  • after the execution…
  • she realizes you’re never, ever coming back.
  • and then she breaks.
  • she drops down to her knees just sobbing, these loud, heart-wrenching sobs that she can’t control, you’re gone.
  • she let this happen. you’re gone and it’s all her fault.

Angie Yonaga

  • angie has never worked this hard in an investigation before.
  • angie has also never been this quiet before.
  • she has a look in her eyes like all the light inside her has completely burnt out. she is empty. she is practically dead inside.
  • she doesn’t talk to a single person for the whole entire investigation, but god, if looks could kill, she’d be the blackened in a heartbeat.
  • when the killer is found, she says nothing. 
  • when they are executed, she says nothing.
  • when everybody leaves the trial room, she immediately goes to her room.
  • she paints.
  • she sculpts.
  • she draws.
  • all you. everything she makes is you.
  • the spirit of god must truly be with her if he is sending her such divine visions of your beautiful soul, your beautiful frame, your beautiful face.
  • and that’s all she does for days. just create beautiful, beautiful art of you.
  • her room is a plethora of you.
  • it’s only when she looks around and sees you everywhere, sees your face everywhere, that she realizes that you are never, ever coming back.
  • the first time she cries.

Miu Iruma

  • she doesn’t want to kill, you wouldn’t want her to kill, so she won’t.
  • but she’s furious.
  • she may not kill, but she’ll beat the hell out of anybody who dares to even say your NAME, because that is SUSPICIOUS AS HELL if you ask her!
  • she tries to stay positive, because that’s something you always loved about her, her energy.
  • so she keeps a brave face, and tries to move on, even though she’s hurting so, so badly inside.
  • she gets one good punch in on your killer before they’re taken to be executed, and that’s all she needed.
  • after that, she’s right on the road to recovery.
  • she wants to remember all the good times you had together more than she wants to remember seeing your corpse anyway…
  • she thinks of you every day, but…it makes her happy.
  • you make her happy. she’s so happy she got to know you before you died.

Kaede Akamatsu

  • the second she sees your body, everything becomes real to her, this is a death trap, and you’re gone.
  • she’s hyperventilating, she needs to breathe, she needs to think-
  • she needs you.
  • so she takes a few deep breaths, and starts the investigation.
  • because you deserve justice. you don’t deserve to die in vain.
  • the entire time, she’s thinking of you.
  • she knows you would be proud of her.
  • she doesn’t even notice when she starts crying.
  • she’s never done as well in a trial as she did in this one.
  • flawless work, the blackened was caught in no time.
  • she didn’t watch the execution.
  • after that, she become more determined than ever to escape.
  • she would not let your death be meaningless.

Himiko Yumeno

  • she cries hysterically.
  • this is a trick, right?
  • you were always so good at tricks, this has to be a trick, but-
  • that blood is real. this isn’t a trick, and you’re dead right in front of her.
  • she can’t even stop crying long enough to investigate.
  • she can barely even hold it together through the trial.
  • she can’t even register any anger towards the killer, she can’t register anything, she’s just sobbing.
  • no other emotion can get in but devastating pain.
  • she wants you back.
  • she can’t do this without you.
  • even after the trial she’s a mess, she can’t stop shaking, she wants you to hold her.
  • but you can’t.
  • not even again.
  • you’re gone.

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • she’s shrieking. 
  • she runs over to your body, she hugs you as if hugging tight enough will bring you back, as if she won’t have to let go as long as she keeps by your side.
  • she has to be dragged away from you. she won’t stop screaming, fighting, she needs to get to you.
  • but, the trial has to start eventually.
  • and when it does, she’s accusing everybody.
  • she’s completely hysterical. anybody could be the blackened.
  • when the killer is caught, she can’t stop sobbing. just sobbing.
  • executing them doesn’t bring you back…
  • but it feels good anyway.
  • she doesn’t leave her room for days after your death, and even when she eventually does, she doesn’t speak, she keeps her gaze down, she isn’t ready for you to be gone yet.

Tenko Chabashira

  • you thought shirogane was bad??
  • nobody can scream like tenko.
  • the only difference is that her first instinct is to fight.
  • she attacks and completely overpowers anybody who dares to lay a finger on her, or even get too close.
  • anybody could be the killer.
  • anybody could be the person who ended her love’s life.
  • so she will go after everybody until the killer is found.
  • when the killer is found, she pounces.
  • she beats them half to death, she can’t help herself, only letting up when they’re dragged away to be executed.
  • tenko insists she could have done it herself.
  • and tenko definitely could have
  • she had all the motivation in the world.
  • she was just trembling now, completely unsure of what to do now…
  • what does somebody do after losing the most important person in their life?

why do we need camren when we have their mothers???


mmm #1 otp

sinu+clara= a beautiful love story

hear me out!

camren 2.0 bitch

(keep reading, an important story ahead)


is… is… that clara with CAMILA???

do my eyes decieve me??

clara??? wyd??? u made sinu sad now

sinu is sad

sinu is mad

sinu want revenge

sinu will rise

oh no

she’s got lauren!

sinu got revenge!


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shit just got real

now there’s a fight to the death

paparazzi leaked this photo of them snatching each others weaves out:


“i will fight. i will kill. i will win.”



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Hola,soy nueva conociendo tu blog y me llamo la atención por que "chico vacío". Gracias,bonita noshe.

Hace un año y par de meses me quedé solo, sin amigos, problemas en casa, en la escuela, mi perrita murió y la que fue mi novia me dejó por otro.

Todo parecía no poder empeorar, así que tome una decisión que afecto totalmente mi vida.

Dejé pasar a todos, yo solo me senté a ver pasar el tiempo sobre mi con todo y todos los que creía conocer, y me quede ahí, solo y vacío, sin nada que pudiese ver en ese momento.

Mi manera de ver las cosas era distinta, había vaciado lo mejor de mi en otras personas, así que no quise hacer nada.

Ya tu te imaginarás el significado.

Soy la única con Tumblr y obsecionada con Youtuber de mis amistades ;-;

Necesito alguien confiable con quien hablar de Wigetta, Rubelangel, sTaXxby, Zeuspan, Larry, Ziam, Nosh, Camren, Muke, Youtubers, One Direction, 5SOS, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, etc.
Mads Mikkelsen: From Serial Killer to 'Star Wars' Secret Weapon
How Mads Mikkelsen went from serial killer to 'Star Wars' MVP – and why his 'Rogue One' role could turn the 'Hannibal' actor into a movie star.

In a lounge a few floors up, their co-star Mads Mikkelsen settles into a big leather armchair, gazing out at the Golden Gate Bridge and noshing on trail mix. Like his fellow actors, Mikkelsen is here to promote Rogue One, and he isn’t above geeking out about his surroundings. Gorgeous vintage movie posters for classics like The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance hang everywhere. Life-size replicas of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader stand sentinel in the halls. “Isn’t this place incredible?” Mikkelsen asks. “I could never bring Nicolas Winding Refn here – he would definitely try and steal something.”

Being the first female member of SAMCRO would include

Author: Johannah

“Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business
Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness She’s stacking money, money everywhere she goes
She don’t gotta give it up, she professional
​​​​​​​She mixing up that Ace with that Hennessy
She love the way it tastes, that’s her recipe
Rushing through her veins like it’s ecstasy, oh no
She already made enough but she’ll never leave…“

✦ Being the baddest bitch in all of Charming

✧ Loving it when leaders of other gangs underestimate you, just so they can see how good your aim is with a gun

✦ All the guys have tried to get with you, but they quickly learn never to ask twice

✧ Even Gemma being scared of you

✦ Always being the first person to call one of the guys out on their shit

✧ Not being afraid to fight dirty

✦ Or being afraid to fight one of the guys for that matter (Juice learned that the hard way after a very unwise bet on his part - His jaw recovered though… eventually)

✧ If you think the croweaters treat Gemma and Tara like the Queens of Charming, you should see how they act around you

✦ If one of the old ladies is going through some rough times or is struggling to make ends meet, they know they can always come to you

✧ Your mugshot going up on the wall with all the others - front and centre

✦ You getting the reaper tattoo on your forearm right where everyone can see it, and know who you belong to

✧ When you go to jail for your 14 month stretch after Belfast you have to go to the female-only prison (You basically run the joint, orange is the new black style)

✦ Gemma comes to visit you every week

✧ You and Gemma having a maternal love/hate kind of relationship

✦ Your loyalty to the club being unmoving - No matter the consequences 

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Como identificas a las lesbianas? Yo lo soy, pero jamas me he topado con ninguna :( tengo mucha suerte con los hombres, pero como atraigo a nenas? :(, tiene que ver con que no salgo del closet? Tengo 18 años

Holis, la verdad yo también soy mala identificando o algo así, no soy buena para decir esa chava es gay! Pero afortunadamente la chica que me gusta termina siéndolo 🌝 yo digo que si eres un poco abierta en aceptar tu sexualidad ante los demás, seguramente te verán, bonita noshe.

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