nosferatu shop

by Tim Odland

i got a used 50pk of old horror movies off of amazon for like $7 and it’s missing a couple of disks but like…i’m not even mad

movies include:

SIX WHOLE BELA MOVIES (black dragon, the corpse vanishes, the gorilla, the invisible ghost, one body too many, and white zombie), which equals out to be about…maybe, like, half an hour of film that is worth watching

four karloff movies (haha suck it karloff!!)

a few movies feat. on mst3k (including the giant gila monster, the brain that wouldn’t die, the screaming skull, and beast of yucca flats)

movies that i am genuinely excited abt (the phantom of the opera!!!!, the hunchback of notre dame, nosferatu, the little shop of horrors, night of the living dead, and the house on haunted hill)