tg:re:148 powerful objects
  • ‪itori sideboob‬
  • toukachan furious nosewrinkle‬
  • tiny amon smile‬
  • shuu’s flawless bangs & humongo jaw‬
  • ‪akira’s haircut‬
  • mado’s impending scolding of both akira and amon
  • juuzou’s memory of haise
  • ‪mizurou’s leg chain suspension‬
  • uta’s “he’s my friend”‬
  • ‪nishiki’s “don’t listen to her”‬
  • hide’s eyebrows & MYSTERY CHEEKMARK‬

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10 reasons why you love your bias ~

10 reasons why I love Mr Jung Daehyun *^*

  1. His heart! He genuinely loves and cares for fans and the members. He does so much for us ;^; 
  2. His voice is silky smooth honey sent from the gods! It’s heaven to me, I float on a cloud (no joke his voice calms me down when I’m feeling panicky)
  3. His laugh, cutest giggle in the universe! His big ol smile when he’s happy and his cheeks! KITTYDAE! Lights up my world
  4. The wrinkles on his face when he hits a high note! #nosewrinkle
  5. The way he’s flirty/cheesy/greasy with fans. Treats us like we’re the loves of his life
  6. HIS TATTOOS!! the ‘hold’ tattoo for babyz and the ‘BAP’ tattoo because the group mean so much to him ;o; I had a dream of what it looks like, imma draw it
  7. the passion that emanates from him when he sings, the emotion he puts into his voice! He has so much charm and charisma on stage. I CRY
  8. He’s so beautiful. The boy is a true visual. He can pull off any hair style, his eyebrows are lovely caterpillars, he’s mr sparkly eyes *^*, I LOVE HIS NOSE, his lips are so glorious holy hell, I really like his jawline?? His tummy is so cuuute I wanna blow raspberries on it, he has the cutest uneven daebutt
  9. When he does aegyo and cringes at himself lol. lashglashdg
  10. The way he’s a soft floofy prince that often looks so cozy and huggable that I wanna tackle him with cuddles! it’s too much for my heart ;o;

I love everything about him. He means so much to me.
He was a massive source of happiness when I needed it the most.
He’ll forever have a place in my heart for that.
I genuinely love him very much.

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I heard you haven't been sleeping. Is something on your mind? (merus-nosewrinkles)

I don’t know who would tell you such a thing, or why you would care, Bajoran. What I do or do not do in my spare time is of no concern to you.