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  • that guy that girls crush on but aren’t sure if they should confess to him  [wouldn’t he be attached alr ?]
  • his hair is always fluffy like cotton flowers
  • hangs out with student!taehyung alot along with other seniors
  • really likes arsty socks or sock s with some colourful or weird print
  • his style could go from off duty male model to I-wore-my-grandpas-clothes-and-still-look-good
  • there is no in between
  • spends his break by sketching turtles in sweaters I have no idea whats going on in that boys head
  • hard working student , takes notes in classes
  • wears those wire glasses that make him look even more precious than he already did 
  • you first met him when he was in your art class
  • you sat in the empty sit next to him 
  • this poor sweet potato started fidgeting non stop
  • he played with his pens
  • rubbed his palms together
  • scratched the tip of his nose
  • tapping his finger tips on the tables
  • ‘‘ hi , I’m Y/N’‘
  • ‘‘ p-park, uh I’m park jimin ‘‘
  • he quickly turned his head to face the window he was just trying to hide his beet red face
  • was it the garlic bread you had for lunch ???
  • he just thought you were really cute 
  • your first lesson was on the sketching the human anatomy
  • and your teacher felt that the best way to learn it was to have one half naked in class
  • he got a bunch of names in a box and picked out a name
  • ‘PARK JIMIN , would you do the honors of being our model for today ?
  • this poor pumpkin nodded shyly
  • you did your best to find his best angles TBH he looked good in all angles
  • when he saw your sketch he got really shocked [ not to mention a bit tongue tied]
  • ‘‘you’re really pretty , UH what I meant is t-the sketch is really pretty ,really good”
  • “ well, I had a cute model”
  • he couldn’t look at you straight in the eye for the whole day
  • awkward-art-student!jimin is just a ball of sunshine that gets shy around you ples notice him

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