Never date someone who isn’t comfortable seeing unused unopened pads/tampons. Never date someone who won’t even go down the pad/tampon aisle at the store with you because it’s “embarrassing” or “gross” to even acknowledge that periods exist. Don’t let your partner shame you for your body. You didn’t choose to be born with a uterus, so don’t be ashamed.

What’s this business about there being a new nose boop on part 1 last night? Stop the internet, this is of the highest importance, we need receipts 👉💖👃


@ponies-and-pokemon: This is High Princess Ryleigh, duchess of Salmonshire and baroness of the Meezer Estates. She still doesn’t believe there are other princesses but once she comes to terms with that fact I’m sure she would be happy to exchange dignitaries with your lesbian princess queens.

my Gays r fake royalty, but they also do not acknowledge real royalty (they r Bitter Gays). unlike them I will wholly salute High Princess Ryleigh!!

This weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was D for Dwarf Long Nose.  I had never heard of this fairy tale before so I was excited to read it.  **STORYTIME** Its about a cute little boy that insults a witch and gets kidnapped.  She makes him a soup that is made with a special herb, which turns him into a hideous Dwarf with a really long nose.  She tells him the only way for him to be changed back, is he would need to inhale the herb used in her soup. He ends up working for the witch as her cook for several years trying to figure out which herb it is.  One day he decides to escape and ends up as a cook for the prince.  One day while shopping for the prince’s dinner, he buys three geese.  One of them starts talking to him.  He finds out that she is a princess and daughter of a wizard and was cursed by a fairy.  So he saves her and keeps her in his room.  One night the prince has another neighboring prince visit.  The visiting prince was so pleased how much he enjoyed the food the dwarf made for their meals.  He requested the dwarf to make a special dish only made for royalty, one the dwarf never made before. Luckily the goose knew the recipe (for the most part) since she was a princess. The next night for dinner the princes’ ate the special dish, but the visiting prince was unhappy with it cause it was missing a special herb.  The dwarf’s prince was embarrassed and told the dwarf he will make the dish correctly the next night, if not, he would be killed.  The dwarf tells the goose and she knows where to find the herb.  He sets her free and she returns with the herb.  When he inhales it, it turns him back into a handsome young man.  At this time he decides to run away with the goose.  He brings her back home to her wizard father and is returned to normal.  The End lol  I shortened the story a bit. lol