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Hi, I was trying to write about a character who's a beautiful black woman. I'm trying to describe her wide nose in a positive light but I just can't think of a nice way to describe it. A lot of it comes from me because I'm a WOC that always hated her wide, flat nose. I feel like every time I read a description of a wide nose, it's always very masculine and animalistic, which is obviously messed up. I think wide noses are beautiful now but I don't know how to express it. Help!

Describing Wide Noses

I know what you mean about not crossing positive associations of wide noses. A shame since there’s no such problem with narrow, straight noses that I know of.

I hope we can reach a point where wide noses are normalized in the narrative without needing to be assured it’s something positive and attractive. I do think, though, if you note or describe her as beautiful, all the while mentioning her wide nose somewhere in a description of her, then you’d be fine.

As long as you’re keeping negative associations “away” from her nose so to speak and aren’t attributing it to masculinity (Black women being connected with masculinity is almost always rooted in misogynoir) or animalistic.

Otherwise, you could use a combination of positive and/or neutral words in your descriptions to imprint the idea that you’re describing her (and her nose!) favorably.

I’ll spin up a list for ideas, though all the following words might not apply to her as wide noses have a variety of appearances and can be short, long, pert, etc.

Adjectives for wide noses

  • Ample
  • Broad
  • Button
  • Full
  • Prominent
  • Round
  • Short
  • Short-bridged
  • Small
  • Soft
  • Wide

You could also pair positive adjectives with her nose or her face in general, such as attractive, cute, beautiful…

Just note those words are judgments, i.e. “Telling” description that do not convey a specific physical image and is also a matter of opinion (and imagination). Though probably best used sparingly, if you’re wishing to “direct” the audiences’ perspective as you are here, they could prove helpful!

Some example sentences:

“She was attractive; warm brown skin, even warmer brown eyes, a cute, rounded nose…”

“…Her short, wide nose centered prettily on her face.”

“She had a broad, attractive nose that went well with her delicate features.”

I hope this is helpful to you!

~Mod Colette

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hey! i'm an Aspiring Artist and i've got troubles. I was wondering if you have/could make a tutorial on how to make wider/bigger noses? I've been trying so hard but I only come out with a white people nose when i'm trying hard to draw someone who isn't white. Thanks!

Hey there! 

  • This  is an amazing, comprehensive resource on drawing different types of facial features and the way they vary across ethnicities. 
  • I also suggest looking up stock photos, pics of your favorite celebrities with different nose structures and drawing them. 

  • What I found when I analyzed a few photos is that the proportions are similar, yet the bridge is slightly wider, the nostrils flare slightly, and the end is a bit wider. 

  • I will draw out a tutorial for you in the near future! I got a bit of school work to do right now, but when I have time, I will make a more visual tutorial explaining what I mean. 

Hope this helps!


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that moment when new pals lock eyes and touch noses….sweetness.

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This is a very random and weird question, but how do you draw a nose??

Not random or weird at all! 

Here is a quick few drawings I just did - 

1. Draw a diamond shape with rounded edges. 

2. Add a curved line horizontally through the two side edges. 

3. Add a circle directly in the centre of this shape - this creates the tip of the         nose. 

4. Add the nostril edges to either side of the shape

5. Add the nostrils themselves to either side of that circle you just drew

6. Fill in the details! 

Same principle can be applied to different angles too - work with shapes first to help build the basic shape and then go from there. 

And as always, use reference until you are used to drawing them :)