I have been tired of waiting for my browser to open up the same nbc story 700 times every time I work on character sheets and decided to draw myself a reference sheet.  I’m putting this here to help others with the same issue (Not that I have that many followers).  There are 14 types of noses according to a researcher.  My personal favorite is the celestial.  Hawk noses are fun to draw though.

enteirory asked:

Hmmm, first of all, let me say I really love your art, it's really beautiful and your characters are so well designed! I just wanted to ask, if you don't mind - how do you approach drawing noses? They give me a bit of trouble, and I really like the way you manage to give a sense of shape and volume even viewed from the front.

thank you!! i guess it’s hard for me to explain cause i don’t usually use sketch layers/guidelines but here’s basically how i think about it