You know your legs are tired when a 182kg / 400lb no-no-no squat looks like this. It was supposed to be a 3 second descent but I’m pretty sure I rushed the shit out of it. #NoWraps #NoBelt #NoSpotter #NoService


I definitely fell in love with this place 2day

Quick thought post.

I appreciate what everyone has done for me this vacation and I understand it’s my parents vacation too, but I don’t want to be dragged around to random stuff that interests them and just kinda sit there out of the loop. This is my vacation too that took me forever to get off of work. It’s just really frustrating, It is relaxing don’t get me wrong but I’m in the middle of no where with no major city for at least 45 min, no cell phone service, and only wifi at the place I’m staying at. Next vacation I’m going back home to the 305, taking my truck, my girl, my sports car on a trailer, driving down and staying a week and a half down there. I can’t stand being in the middle of no where. I can’t tell my parents this because they were looking forward to this for a while…, There all with there friends and I’m just kinda here with my friends and my girlfriend but, eventually we just run out of shit to do and we just end up sitting here. 


I touch down and touch the city.

Pulled up to #NoService with @thomxlite last night! Always good vibes @illbrill •

Randomly ran into @teejacksonn and @ceejackson_ !
Plus I ran into a few homies that vibe with the sound! All love (at The Standard, Hollywood)