“Sticks and stones will break your bones but investing your heart in a tv show will cause irreparable damage and you will not recover.”

I am dying. No more Willow and Tara. No more Buffy. T_______T

My heart aches for more Willow and Tara. more Dark Willow. But it’s over.




My Planting Challenge!

I have been wanting to try and plant my own veggies or fruits or spices and shitzz.. So I did this yesterday :D I tried to upload but oh well tumblr refused :l

So I am pretty excited for them to grow! I will update this when something happens. :D It’s been awhile since I’ve grown my own seeds. The last plant i remember planting was a tree seedling in college. And the first was sunflower when i was 10? I think. They grew fairly huge and i was so happy about them. I didn’t even use fertilizer. The sunflowers were as huge as my hand and we ate the seeds off of the flowers. :D

So now I will try to plant onions and bell peppers and try to see if my green thumb is still green enough to cultivate them seeds :D It takes 80 days for the peppers and 120 days for the onions :D i hope they grow! GREEN THUMBS UP!

i drew this way back in highschool. we were waiting for a teacher at school and this was on a Saturday so there was actually no classes. but i forgot why we were waiting. anyways, i always brought along my notebook/sketchbook ANYWHERE, just in case i get bored and go doodle stuff. My notebooks even have names. my first one was the X and the second one (where this doodle came from) was from my notebook Bokat :)