so I really like bonka’s monster design for Noseley and I just figured I’d share a few headcanons and doodles

bbbbasically it’s sort of Punishment-esque where GLaDOS puts Wheatley in a human body, but to make matters worse for Chell not only does she have to deal with him being a metaphorical burden, but a physical one as well, especially when he starts changing. It was an experiment in more ways than one, and what better way to do science than to inconvenience Chell in the process?

Also I guess the way i think it’d work is that he gets more and more joints, and then the skin would start fusing from the crotch down, with the fins kind of filling in from there?? How does transformation work anyway Gills would come last, and that’s when things would get unbearable and dangerous and he nearly throws himself into an acid pit and haha you don’t really need to hear all of this sorry