nosebleed galore

Fairy Tail Ships


Natsu Dragneel - Likes Lucy, but isn’t sure if she feels the same way about him. It’s obvious he likes her. Aside from Happy, since the day he met Lucy, he’d rather be around her than anyone else in the guild. Hence always going to jobs with her once they met, blushing MAJORLY when he asked Lucy to meet him alone. (He may have only wanted Virgo to dig a hole, but you just don’t blush that much when you ask Lucy to meet you alone) Remember when future Lucy died? Natsu said that future Rogue took something precious from him right before his eyes. He’s always the one running to catch Lucy whenever she’s falling from the sky. He was the only one to help Lucy to her feet after her loss against Flare in the Grand Magic Games. Wanted to run and see Lucy in the shower after the brutal beat down she received from Minerva.

Lucy Heartfilia - Alright now, in Happy’s words. They’re totally in looooove. How many times has Natsu seen Lucy naked? Remember when he groped her? Whenever everyone is in trouble if Natsu is nearby she hugs him from behind. She doesn’t do this with any other character. When Natsu wanted to see her alone she blushed when she witnessed him blush. Her daydreaming fantasy of her and Natsu having 33 babies. Of course she denies all of this because she’s never had a boyfriend before. Thus, doesn’t know how to react to these feelings.


Jellal Fernandez - A terrible liar to start. “I have a fiancée.” = LIAR. Erza saw through that lie. He’s known Erza since they were children, and he gave her a confidence boost after being so kind to her. Whenever they meet he tries to act distant, but we all know his true feelings, no matter how hard he tries to hide them. I mean, have you seen the OVA of he and Erza going down the water slide? Nosebleed galore.

•Erza Titania/Scarlett - If anyone hits on her she’s either disgusted or shaking. *cough* Ichiya *cough* When she and Jellal nearly kissed and he pushed her away she denies saying that she didn’t think they were going to. Whenever she thinks or sees Jellal you can tell she wants it. She always has.


Gray Fullbuster - As much as he acts creeped out by Juvia’s advancements he definitely likes them. He only pushes her away because the women he has gotten close to and cares for have died saving him. He groped Juvia in their initial fight, then after he said “So, wanna go at it?” Just about made Juvia’s ovaries explode. Lets not forget copping a feel on her butt when he saved her from dragons. Those weren’t “accidents,” were they Gray?

Juvia Lockser - This is so obvious, should I even start? Considers Lucy her love rival after mistakenly assuming Gray loves Lucy when he threatened to risk his life to protect her. Immediately blushed when she met Gray. LOVED when Gray groped her on two separate occasions. Has sexual and romantic fantasies about Gray on nearly an episode to episode basis. Boasted the fact Gray was inside of her and not Lucy. Breaks all of the wooden frames on the doorways of the guild hall whenever she sees Gray being nice to anyone(Mostly Lucy) and mistakes anyone touching Gray to be flirting with him. Wants to have 33 babies with Gray. Her face nearly evaporated when Silver asked if she was Gray’s woman.


Levy McGarden - Pines for Gajeel late at night. Chose to give him air the old fashioned way, mouth to mouth. When she could have just made an air spell for him. We all know you just wanted to feel Gajeel’s lips pressed against yours, Levy. She blushes whenever Gajeel says something that flatters her. For instance, “I’ll make you bigger than you’ve ever been, little girl.” She gave Gajeel iron to eat during one of his fights, the “O” had a heart in it. ♡THAT SPELL CAME FROM THE HEART♡

Gajeel Redfox - Boasted that he wouldn’t dance with Levy even when she didn’t ask. Then proceeded to dance with her and then blamed her for insisting that they dance. He’s always there to protect her from harm. He told her to never leave his side again after she was ambushed. Made cute little Levy blush at that moment. Now they’re seen together nearly all of the time. :3