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HOW IS YOUR SIDE-VIEW SO PERFECT?! You got a tutorial..?

First of all, I’m flattered. Thank you :)

Second, I took these on my phone because I was too lazy to scan it over and over again.

1. I always start with a circle whenever I’m drawing faces and use lines to mark out where the features will be. The circle for the profile is different to the one used for a front/three quarter view simply because there are more lines.

2. After I have a circle I roughly mark out where the nose, mouth and jawline will be placed when I draw them in.

3. The little ridge that will line up with the eyebrows goes slightly off the edge of the circle, and the bridge of the nose goes slightly in. Certain characters have different shaped noses but all of them come completely off the guidelines and finish back on them.

4. The lips should sit directly on the guidelines.

5. I usually draw both tips of the eyelid sitting directly on the eye guideline but coming off it slightly. This changes depending on the character’s emotion (eg. if someone isn’t as happy as this the eyelid could be more of a straight line). With the actual iris, it should sit slightly under the eyelid and extend about a quarter of the way down the nose. However, characters like Germany and Prussia will have different proportions to the other nations as their eyes are a different shape.

6. After that I add the highlight and pupil to the eye, and the eyebrow lines up with the ridge at the top of the face.

7. The mouth generally doesn’t fully touch the lips, it almost lines up with the bridge of the nose. Even though I use pencils for this when I’m colouring a drawing, I often draw on those little classic anime blush marks.

8. Compared to my old art, my necks are now much closer to that of a human being and no longer made of titanium. The front of the neck almost lines up with the eye, and the back can really go anywhere as long as it isn’t touching the jawline and looks like it could support the head without breaking.

9. The shoulders and the top of the chest are relatively straightforward. I don’t think I necessarily need to explain this.

10. A character’s bangs normally come off the forehead and look as if they’re going behind the nose. I don’t like to cover much of the eyes with the hair, but if I do then I’ll show the outline of the eye, just not the highlights or any of the detail. Where the front of the hair starts on the forehead depends on whether the character has a middle or side parting. This is a middle parting ^^^

11. The bottom of the ear lines up with where the jawline ends, but doesn’t connect.

12. I generally have to mark out the shape of the hair before I draw it in properly.

13. Voila :)

 If anyone wants to try it then show me.

The other night, me and my friends had to do "Nose goes" to decide who would have to be it during our first round of hide and seek

This was at three in the morning

We’re all eighteen years old

We are in college

Most of us are on scholarships

And yet we still can’t fucking decide whose going to be it during hide and seek