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The Kartofflöte : Home made potato nose flute


For the holidays I thought I’d bless you with a creepy as fuck nose flute video.


1020. “hush little baby" 

On the Off Chance That Monkeys Will Fly Out Of My Ass

I’m posting something of little significance, on the off chance that John Mayer should randomly choose to read my blog, I don’t want the first thing for him to learn about me is my Nose Flute skills.

Unless of course he’s looking for something like that on his next album.



James Bond Noseflute and Mini Ukulele (by willgrovewhite)


756. “showin’ how funky”

The Truth Can't Wait Til Tuesday

While talking to some folks about the uselessness of my education (hence I make up words and punctuation rules, live with it) I was explaining the benefits of catering my courses to areas of the world I lived in. I studied Art History in Europe, Musical Folklore in Guam and the Pacific Northwest and Hawaiian History. I also learned to play the nose flute.

You read that right. The nose flute. This is not a euphemism.

The ohe hano ihu was a courting instrument. It’s pretty powerful stuff, so I’ll be keeping my skills to myself.

You’re welcome,Tumblr.

Jose Alain Austria © 2015
oil pastel on paper
18 x 12 inches
file reference: collection of Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Alunan III

I’ve drawn Cordillera warriors in the past few years: always carrying symbols of their noble vocation: spears, axes etc. For this exhibit piece however, I tried to do something different. The warrior has become the proverbial man of peace. He carries not a weapon but a musical instrument–a tongali [nose-flute]. I cannot say that this is accurate [in an anthropological sense]. The composition is more of a tribute to the people of the Cordilleras and their noble history / culture.


Herman Vandecauter’s brilliant rendition of the “Toy Symphony” by Leopold Mozart (or maybe it was by Joseph Haydn, or maybe by Edmund Angerer, or maybe by some unknown friend of Edmund Angerer’s, but whoever wrote the piece this really is Herman playing the ukulele.)