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What's your skincare routine?

buckle up this is a wild ride 

  1. i use a special face soap i have for pimples 
  2. i use a nose strip (twice a week only though) that takes out blackheads and softens too
  3. acne cream
  4. after that dries out i use moisturiser
  5. once a week i use a hydrating sheet mask (always either coconut or avocado)
  6. i use this under eye cream that gets rid of puffiness and makes the area soft 
  7. scrubs, so many scrubs
top 5 Seb looks

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1. When he flips his hat as Jefferson

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2. When he runs his fingers through his hair

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3. when he flips that knife

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4. When he bites his lip

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5. When he laughs

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 Soooo @itsyaboybee commissioned a trio of Horrible Drawings™ from @pangur-and-grim, and I’M LOSING IT. Look at my Chumley, look at my Ping. I CANNOT STOP SMILING AND CACKLING. 

 As soon as I find the right frames, these will be hung be in my home as a triptych.

you fool! she’ll destroy any planets for fun! dont forget it!

I came up with a “humans as aliens” scenario on the bus and now I’m writing a story snippet.

Karikki was sitting in the ship’s mess when the most recent addition to the crew stumbled into the room and collapsed into a chair with a relieved groan, dropping her head onto the table.

“Rough shift?” ie said, making a sympathetic noise as ie broke off another piece of ir food pack.

Melanie Dupré, recently hired on as a ship’s mechanic and as of one month ago the only human crewmember of the Xanaki Star, mumbled something into the table before lifting her head so that her translator could actually be of use.

“I could swear the ventilation ducts actually hate me personally,” she said. “I’ve been running around all day.” A look of horror crossed her features then, and she groaned again, dragging her hand across her eyes. “And I left my food packs in my room. Goddamn it.”

Karikki churred soothingly. “Don’t worry about it, you can have one of ours,” ie said, getting to ir feet and digging one of the vacuum-sealed silver packs out of the pantry.

Melanie made a noise that Karikki had learned to interpret as grateful and peeled the pack open, looking down at it dubiously. “You’re sure this is okay?”

“We’re nutritionally compatible!” Karikki said. “The captain checked, before we hired you on. Just in case you ran out of your own supplies. It should be fine.”

“Okay. Thanks,” she said, breaking off a square of the compressed nutrition block and popping it into her mouth.

A look crossed her face then that it took Karikki a moment to identify: disgust, ie realized. That was disgust–which was made all the clearer when Melanie gagged and grabbed a napkin, spitting the square out into her hand. “Oh my god,” she said.

Karikki could feel ir antennae fluttering anxiously. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is that a bad texture for humans?”

Melanie wiped her mouth, scrubbing at her tongue with the side of her hand. She shook her head. “No, the texture’s fine, it’s just like one of our protein blocks. It’s the [——], I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend you, but it’s awful! How can you eat that?”

Karikki flicked ir ear. “Sorry, say that again? I think your translator cut out in the middle. It’s the what?”

“The [——]. It [——] awful. I’m so sorry.”

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It’s right around the corner...
  • Gabriel’s biggest show of the year is in less than one week
  • he needs help putting it together
  • it’s time to teach his son the family business

i have no excuse for this

isak at the doctor’s: is my nose broken?

doctor: *frowning* strangely, no. your nose is almost like rubber, surprisingly springy

even on the way home: i can’t believe your squishy nose saved you when i couldn’t

isak: you’re not allowed to make fun of my nose, i’m not the one who puts theirs into their bf’s mouth while kissing

even: so, i shouldn’t do it anymore…?

isak: you heard the doctor, rubbing noses is not allowed for a while

even: i guess we’ll just have to get creative rubbing other parts together then