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how can you draw a nose , it's too hard for me T^T

I love drawing noses! And its a lot more simple then you probably think.

seriously. they can be a bit intimidating since they’re small and delicate and have so many little quirks to them. but they’re basically for the most part, pyramids and spheres. triangles and circles if you wanna get even more basic.

make it simple! don’t make it harder then it actually is.

so here i just started with the basic shape. the base if you will. the pyramid for the shape and the circle for the bulb of the nose or tip.

second part im just adding the nostril as well as the sides of the nose. While this is going on im also taking away from the sketch while still adding little bits to the bulb of the nose.

third step is basically pulling away from the sketch and making the nose take its form 

last but not least just adding shadows and fixing minor details!


Hope this gives you a different way of tackling noses!

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This is a very random and weird question, but how do you draw a nose??

Not random or weird at all! 

Here is a quick few drawings I just did - 

1. Draw a diamond shape with rounded edges. 

2. Add a curved line horizontally through the two side edges. 

3. Add a circle directly in the centre of this shape - this creates the tip of the         nose. 

4. Add the nostril edges to either side of the shape

5. Add the nostrils themselves to either side of that circle you just drew

6. Fill in the details! 

Same principle can be applied to different angles too - work with shapes first to help build the basic shape and then go from there. 

And as always, use reference until you are used to drawing them :) 


Watercolor Tutorial
EYES, NOSE, LIPS: You have to make a sketch of it first, then use pen for outlines and make sure that it is waterproof to avoid unexpected errors. Mix colors of your choice. Wet on wet technique is the key to mix it properly. Use white Signo Pen for highlights.

Burnt, brown, red, yellow and orange.
You can use both wet on wet and wet on dry technique. It is depends on your art style.

WET ON WET: Laying one color over another before it gets dry. This technique usually used for galaxy painting.

WET ON DRY: Waiting for the first color to dry completely before laying another color.

GRADIENT: Start off with dark tone and continue on laying your brush until you achieve a fading effects.

DRY BRUSH: Your brush should be slightly wet.

First layer for petal, shape the drops, put shadows and highlights. Use white signo pen for reflection.

More water to the color the lighter it gets

Thank you! I hope this will help you 😍

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hi!! i just found your blog and I absolutely love your art! if its no trouble, could I ask how you draw your noses? im not that great with them and yours look so amazing :P

Ok I’m not the best at explaining but I use a reference photo of the character I wanna draw and study how their nose looks

for example Torbjörns nose is very crooked and big while tracer has a pointy small nose.


*Rebecca Black’s voice* It’s friday friday, it’s tutorials time on friday! - last week I asked which tutorial would you like and some of you said noses, o here you are! I hope these tips will be useful, here you can see some examples of the structure I use to draw the noses. Check all my tutorials on my instagram account ☺️💪🏻 or on my tumblr: #akitutorials #motivationfriday

petesass  asked:

hey! i'm an Aspiring Artist and i've got troubles. I was wondering if you have/could make a tutorial on how to make wider/bigger noses? I've been trying so hard but I only come out with a white people nose when i'm trying hard to draw someone who isn't white. Thanks!

Hey there! 

  • This  is an amazing, comprehensive resource on drawing different types of facial features and the way they vary across ethnicities. 
  • I also suggest looking up stock photos, pics of your favorite celebrities with different nose structures and drawing them. 

  • What I found when I analyzed a few photos is that the proportions are similar, yet the bridge is slightly wider, the nostrils flare slightly, and the end is a bit wider. 

  • I will draw out a tutorial for you in the near future! I got a bit of school work to do right now, but when I have time, I will make a more visual tutorial explaining what I mean. 

Hope this helps!


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