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magnitude101999  asked:

Hey Eden! (Is it ok if I call you Eden?) I adore your art, and I am trying to draw people better myself. You're a great inspiration so thanks! Anyway, I was wondering if you could give a nose tutorial? Noses are the ultimate struggle for me, and I love yours. Thanks!! 💜💜

I’m sooo sorry it took me so long to answer this!  But I have been looking for a good nose tutorial for the last couple of weeks though, to try to find something that wasn’t a “Here’s how to draw a hyperrealistic and perfect nose” tutorial, since that wouldn’t exactly be as useful for someone who needs more basic advice. 

Here is a quick and easy one that doesn’t get too complicated, it shows you how to draw a simple but cute nose.  It doesn’t go very in depth about where to put the bridge or shading, but for beginners it’s very good. 

For a little more advanced tutorial try this one, which also goes into shading and various angles.

I hope these help you!!  And thank you for your kind words!!!  <3  (and yes, you can totally call me Eden, it’s actually my real name)  ^_^


Tips on drawing noses

Noses are especially tricky because they are a very three dimensional structure that has to be translated into a flat, 2D representation without looking… well, flat. While drawing them in profile is not that hard, but frontal and ¾ portraits are a bit of a challenge. For me, it all gets down to playing with light and shadows.

  • Establish where does the light come from in your drawing. Decide if it’s a sharp light, casting deep shadows or soft, difussed light. Does it fall flat on the shapes or does it bounce off the surfaces? (compare 4 and 15)
  • I usually add a white shiny spot on the tip, slightly to the side, to indicate where does the light come from. On the same side of the bridge of the nose I draw a bright line. (2, 12)
  • The deepest shadows come on the opposite side of the nose. Not necessairly right beside the bridge, but more often as a diagonal line beween the eye corner and nose wing (2, 3)
  • Usually at least one side of the septum is in the shadow. So are the wings, but the light often bounces off around nostrils. (1-6)
  • Depending on the direction of light, the brige can be lighter than the rest (8) or darker than the rest (12), but it’s not an edge - it always has it’s width (6), and is not necessairly straight (14)
  • The shape of nostrils is a great indicator of the angle of the nose and also easily tell us if the nose is upturned or not. (5, 7, 10) In general nostrils don’t look like elipses but more like comas. (bottom image)
  • The deeper the shadows on the side of the nose and near the nostrils, the more prominent the nose seems. Flat noses don’t cast as much shadows. (11 and 14)
  • The nose is a very unique facial feature and there are as many shapes as there are people. Gather as many references as you can and see how different shapes and proportions alter the general impression of a face. 

Good luck! :-) 

lancey28lance  asked:

I LOVED how you draw Lanceeeee everything about your style is just so beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, how do you draw your noses? I've never been good at them but yours are great!

Ahh– honestly, you’re talking to someone who still struggles to make 1: all the angles work, and 2: faces not all look the same, sobs. I am very flattered by your ask, but until I *truly* get the hang of noses, I can try to point you in the right direction!

So [x] [x] here are a few nice tutorials/tips, and tbh, the “nose tutorial” tag [x] on tumblr isn’t so bad, except… beware of what some artists say. Maybe they don’t always take in the style factor, and tbh, I’m all for people drawing stuff however they like if they find it pretty.

So before you go have fun there, here is my advice:

that is all :D sorry I didn’t actually show you my own process, I swear that if one day I am able to explain it, or make really good ones (noses, that is), I will make a proper tutorial.

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Hi hi hi!! Your art is gorgeous, and I've been meaning to ask, how do you paint noses so well? :O Especially from a 3/4th angle? I've been trying to paint realism myself, but I haven't been able to get the noses right, haha! Keep being lovely~!!

Thank you anon, and also I’m sorry for taking so long to respond!

Thanks again for being patient, I’m very slow with answering asks ;-; 

Like I said above, I didn’t want to repeat info that was already pretty widely available, I hope anyone reading this got something new out of it. Thanks for reading, re-blogging, liking or whatever else. Have a nice day, and some extra resources are below.

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anonymous asked:

This is a very random and weird question, but how do you draw a nose??

Not random or weird at all! 

Here is a quick few drawings I just did - 

1. Draw a diamond shape with rounded edges. 

2. Add a curved line horizontally through the two side edges. 

3. Add a circle directly in the centre of this shape - this creates the tip of the         nose. 

4. Add the nostril edges to either side of the shape

5. Add the nostrils themselves to either side of that circle you just drew

6. Fill in the details! 

Same principle can be applied to different angles too - work with shapes first to help build the basic shape and then go from there. 

And as always, use reference until you are used to drawing them :) 

anonymous asked:

how can you draw a nose , it's too hard for me T^T

I love drawing noses! And its a lot more simple then you probably think.

seriously. they can be a bit intimidating since they’re small and delicate and have so many little quirks to them. but they’re basically for the most part, pyramids and spheres. triangles and circles if you wanna get even more basic.

make it simple! don’t make it harder then it actually is.

so here i just started with the basic shape. the base if you will. the pyramid for the shape and the circle for the bulb of the nose or tip.

second part im just adding the nostril as well as the sides of the nose. While this is going on im also taking away from the sketch while still adding little bits to the bulb of the nose.

third step is basically pulling away from the sketch and making the nose take its form 

last but not least just adding shadows and fixing minor details!


Hope this gives you a different way of tackling noses!