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Free! Avatar AU
  • Haru’s the avatar but he runs away from his responsibilities of saving the world and maintaining world peace. He just wants to bend freely
  • He hides from people by making an air bubble and diving deep into the ocean
  • Sousuke and Nitori are water benders
  • Haru’s from the Southern water tribe, Sousuke’s from the North pole
  • Nitori’s specialty is mostly with ice
  • Sousuke can blood bend but he rarely chooses to do it
  • Makoto’s an earth bender
  • Most people fear Makoto’s strong appearance which made him insecure about bending in public
  • He can always sense Haru through the earth
  • Rin’s a fire bender
  • Sometimes when he gets really angry stream comes out through his nose
  • Rin’s been trying to learn how to lighten bend like his father but he hasn’t been successful
  • Sousuke & Rin always compete water vs fire to see who can out do the other, with their opposite elements
  • Nagisa’s an air bender
  • He mostly uses his bending to play games or cheer people up. He hates using it to fight
  • Rei can’t bend but he constantly invents new  things to help him keep up with everyone

cerberosthehellguard  asked:

OH YEAH sourin + bodyguard au

Some backstory: so like I used to be really into free? Wrote A BUNCH of free fanfic, and had a whole sourin bodyguard au planned.

@cerberosthehellguard is very cruel because she knows this, and the guilt I feel for never writing it. Alright here’s a preview of what might have been.

Sousuke keeps his eyes peeled on the crowd in front of them. His eyes wince at the flashes from photographers and he drops his sunglasses back onto his nose. He catches Rin by the elbow.
“Stay close. This crowd’s difficult to read.” He mumbles so only Rin hears. Rin smiles and waves as he makes his way along the carpet.
“Wanna make sure this ‘spoiled brat’ doesn’t get hurt? I’m honoured, Sousuke.” Rin’s words sting behind his smile. Sousuke’s grimace falters.


Free! ~Marine Morning~ kuji is out! and Sousuke’s chibi fig is absolutely adorable, happy, and laughing to his heart’s content ;u; the placement of his whale shark kigurumi tail is also hilarious lmao

a lot of my weibo & TL were getting excited about cherry blossoms this morning and I didn’t realize why but SouRin’s ending scene at the Samezuka pool CHANGED. THEY ADDED CHERRY BLOSSOMS TO THE BACKGROUND ・(/Д`)・ LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL (ノД`)・゜・。