nose pickin'

also i just really want you to picture lup, picking her nose with one hand, firing bombards of missiles into the air with the other and cackling as she sets things on fire

and barry, just….. smitten

there she is, the queen of my heart

chiquorinha answered your questionTMI Tuesday

Do you pick your nose. If you do, do you eat it?

I do pick my nose, often. Pretty much all the time that I can. Driving. Sitting at work. In the bathroom. In the morning. What can I say? It snot a problem. I can stop anytime I want.

I DO NOT eat them, however. I think I tried it once as a kid and the texture icked me out more than anything. Plus when I have a lot of phlegm and a loogie happens, oh dear god, it’s gross. Satisfying but gross. And I remember driving home from a family friend’s place as a small kid the first time I had one and I thought I was dying.

So yes, absolutely. Nosepicker4lyfe.

Instagram currently starring bae in all his nose pickin glory.

Also, breaking news: that house I told you about last week… we freaking got it. Tell me how faithful God is bc sheesh. We’re going to give it a looksee tonight. We are beaming. Our God is such a good provider.
Common Room

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Gintoki crept down the dark hall, his feet making slight echoing sounds against the stone beneath his feet. He reached the portrait guarding the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, and after chirping the password, he swooped into the common room and grinned seeing only one person still present in the light of the slowly dying fire. 

“Aw, how sweet! Told you you didn’t have to wait up for me!”

“Does it look like I stayed up for a natural perm like you?” 

Hijikata waved his essay around and Gintoki snorted as he leapt over the back of the couch and plopped down sideways. He shoved his feet into Hijikata’s lap, forcing him to rearrange his things or risk spilling his ink.

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