nose mythology

Norse myths:

  • Thyrm steals Thor’s hammer
  • Freyja has to marry Thyrm to get the hammer back
  • Freyja refuses, so Thor dresses up as Freyja to get the hammer

Magnus Chse and the Gods of Asgard:

  • Thyrm’s grandson, Thyrm, steals thor’s hammer
  • Sam has to marry Thyrm to get the hammer back
  • Sam can´t marry Thyrm, so Alex dresses up as Sam to get the hammer
  • *see's a puppy*
  • Me: PUPPY!!!!!11!111
  • *see's a grown dog*
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  • *see's an elder dog*
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  • *see's a coyote*
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  • *see's a wolf*
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  • *see's a direwolf*
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  • *see's a werewolf*
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  • *see's fenrir*
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Where the fuck do I even start with this bullshit?

First of all Thor cannot be a woman, wanna know why? Because Thor is a fucking name not a goddamn title! This is like killing off Lex Luthor and having him be replaced by a woman and the woman insists that everybody call her Lex Luthor. 

Thor is not a title anybody can have, it’s a name of an already existing character in nose mythology and there is only one Thor in the Marvel universe and that is Thor Odinson, you know the guy who’s still running around with a giant axe instead of a hammer? Yeah that’s Thor this unnamed woman is just running around in a Thor costume pretending to be something she’s not.

Also I don’t remember Lady Freyjia being a powerful authority figure in the Marvel universe. I understand what Jason Aaron is trying to do he’s trying to retcon shit by making Odin a sexist asshole even though Odin was never portrayed as a sexist asshole in the Marvel universe up until now.

And because Odin is now a sexist asshole Feryjia has to be portrayed as a weak willed housewife who’s stuck in a unhappy marriage because every Asgardian male who isn’t Thor is now a sexist asshole because Jason Aaron needs to score brownie points with feminists by pandering to them and only them.

This is what happens when you shove in a stupid ideology instead of telling a good story, your writing becomes really terrible and people end up calling you out on your crap on social media.

You look at shit like this and then you realize why nobody outside of feminists likes the new female feminist Thor because feminist Thor only appeals to feminists and feminists alone.

It’s really no shock that this book got cancelled because the writing is some of the worst fucking writing I’ve read in comics in a long time.

But don’t worry feminist Thor will probably get relaunched under a new title or will just start from square one again because there are tons of idiots who still think that owning a number one issue of a comic is worth something in this digital age.

And this is why comics are dying a slow and painful death because writers just don’t give a shit about telling good stories they just wanna shove in whatever stupid ideology they believe in and then call it a day.