nose mole

do u remember the movie g force with the guinea pigs where the mole ended up being the villain at the end?????? man that was fucked up

taehyungs nose mole💘💖✨💖💓💖💌💐🌹🌼👌🌺🌸🌼🌻🌹🌻✨💕💓💖🌼💌✨☀🌺🌻✨💖🌹💖💘🌻💐☀ taehyungs mole under his eyes 🌼💕🌼💓💖🌺💘💌💓🌼🌸💌✨💐💖🌻👌👌💕🌼🌹☀💖🌻💕🌺💕💐 taehyungs lips mole💐💖🌺☀🌺🌸✨💓🌼🌸✨🌸👌🌹💕☀🌺🌸🌼💌✨💌💞💐💌👌💖💕☀🌻🌹☀💕🌸 taehyungs moles🌸💕💞✨💌💞💖💕🌻☀💓🌼💐💓💌💘 TAEHYUNG 💘🌼💓🌸💖🌸💞🌸💕🌹💞👌👌🌻💌☀🌼💐☀💌🌹💕🌸💞✨💘☀🌺🌹💕🌸💌☀☀💕💌🌼💐👌💌👌💖💓🌻☀🌻💐🌺💌💕🌸🌹💌👌💓👌☀🌻💐🌻💌🌺💐🌻☀🌺💐👌💓👌

Poets and Parties

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Author: @kpopfanfictrash , as part of the @kpoptrashnetwork ‘s Fall Collaboration Project. Welcome to the GOT Halloween Party, a series with @iwonchubebe and @rude–jude .

Rating: 18 + (explicit sex)

Word Count: 5,037

Prompt: “I’m trick-or-treating with my kid and you answered the door and oh - fuck me, you’re seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Summary: As part of the campus little buddies program, you’re bringing Abby trick-or-treating. When she runs up to the GOT (Gamma Omega Tau) fraternity house though, and Jaebum opens the door - everything that once was sensible flies out of your brain. 

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types of day6 stans
  • Sungjin stans: what a dork.. same #momfriendstruggles
  • Jae stans: I hate this I hate him why do I stan why is he like this
  • Brian stans: his eyes his nose his face his moles his hairs love of my life-- BANDANA??¿ FUCK ME UP
  • Wonpil stans: LOOK AT THAT THE SUN IS SHINING AND THE BIRDS ARE CHIRPIN-- oh,,? is that,, a choker im-
  • Dowoon stans: everyone becomes a dowoon stan when they see his arms tbh "ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS"

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idk if this is a super uncommon request but a super tall and lanky nonbinary sollux would be rlly cool. with like, darker grey skin than the trolls' typical color, and piercings, and kinda thick hair (some sideburns and scruffiness on their arms/legs/etc), with winged eyeliner? thick eyebrows and a big nose, shaggier hair, moles, and a long af ears. thank you!! 💕

This actually my fav hc for him! 

- Mod Alex

dating stiles stilinski would include...

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- cute forehead kisses 

- playing with each other’s hair 

- laying in his lap 

- him kissing all over your face 

- being human with him 

- being each other’s anchor 

- papa stilinski loving you 

- lydia always being there for you when you and stiles get in an argument 

- cute dates 

- calling each other babe or baby 

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this is for @clotpolesonly‘s birthday (which was like a week ago BUT SHE DIDN’T TELL ME SO IT’S HER OWN FAULT HER PRESENT IS LATE) but jess i hope you like this and i love you!!!!

Also on AO3

Title: Get The Cake (And Eat It Too)

Derek’s terrified.

It’s not like he’s never been on a date before. He’s gone on a lot of dates: with people from real life, people from the internet, blind dates courtesy of Laura – but never before has he been this fucking terrified.

Because this is Stiles.

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One of the things I love most about this fandom is how it celebrates imperfections in characters. Many will get annoyed if Blackwall is portrayed with a six pack, Josephine’s nose and moles are sacred, Cassandra’s jawline is considered great. Bull’s manboobs are adored and even Solas’ baldness is something many of his fans like. It’s just nice to see so many people look past appearance and focus on what’s on the inside instead.

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