nose mole

girls with deep voices and birthmarks in non-cute places, and non-white teeth, and up-turned or bent noses, and big moles that aren’t Monroe’s, and big hands, or calluses, or non-perfectly manicured nails, or displaced teeth, or lazy-eyes, or long toes, or cracking voices, etc:

good job!!! great job!!! You are doing so good and wonderful!! i am v proud!! keep up that good work!! keep moving forward and being every ounce of beautiful that you are!


Boys are beautiful too. Transboys and POC boys (boys who are both). Boys who have acne or scars or illnesses. Fat boys are A+, and boys with soft hearts and souls. Boys who cry over everything, boys who have trouble expressin their feelings. Boys with big noses and moles and freckles all over them like stars. Boys who are too tired to stand up for themselves, and boys who are energetic and can’t stop talking. Disabled boys are amazing and also beautiful. Boys who dont care if they’re beautiful or not, they’re awesome too. Boys who use makeup, who worry about their skin and hair. 

Y’all can love yourselves too. It’s alright. You’re allowed to, and you were even before I said so.