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“ I can proudly and happily say I’m honoured to be on television and sort of a role model for young girls. I’m showing them they don’t need to get a nose job and you don’t need to look exactly like all the other girls in your class, that it’s OK. Letting all your different colours show is eventually really good. When I let my freak flag fly is when I got Glee”.- Lea Michele⭐

About a nose

Honestly, I only just opened my tumblr and all I’ve been seeing is news about Bradley’s nose job and pictures comparing what he looked like a year ago or something and I would just like to say something:

You don’t have a right to assume why someone did something for themselves. It’s none of your fucking businessNo, your poor little heart is not going to break because Bradley James got a nose job. Apologies for the bluntness, but I think I need to be blunt here. 

Yes, he moved to LA, but just because he got plastic surgery (MINOR SURGERY, AT THAT) after changing locations doesn’t particularly mean he’s ‘hanging around the wrong people’ or some shit like that. Even if he was, it would still be none of your business because YOU DON’T KNOW HIM. YOUR OPINION LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER TO HIM WHATSOEVER, I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU.

Sure, it’s different. Sure, it was sudden, but for all we knew, maybe that was the one thing he was the most self-conscious about. We all have flaws in our minds that we think of constantly and wait until the day you can finally change that one thing that you hate so much. Perhaps that was the case, perhaps not. If I’m going to be honest, he’s just very fortunate the nose job was a good one. Of course, to all us fans, it’s very new and different and it’ll take a while getting completely used to it, because honestly, it’s part of the guy’s FACE, so it’s gonna be noticeable. 

BUT it still looks really good. I’ve seen so many whiny posts saying ‘ooh Bradley’s hanging around with stupid Americans that convinced him to get it done” or “ooh he did it to fit in after he moved to LA” but honestly, if he really WAS hanging around the wrong people, he probably wouldn’t have found an excellent plastic surgeon to get it done so nicely. He was probably nervous about the entire procedure and is most likely still self-conscious about how it turned out, no matter how much he may like it. Who wouldn’t be? Also, this shit costs a LOT of money, so he was most definitely giving it a lot of thought beforehand.

Bradley isn’t stupid. He knows he’s got a relatively large and active fanbase on multiple media platforms all over the world. That means he probably understood said fans would notice right away, and would judge him the moment he showed up in public with cameras flashing. That’s exactly what happened – I’ve already seen stuff on facebook, twitter, and his entire tag on tumblr has essentially blown up. All of you are judging him like we’re all in middle school and the new girl got a weird haircut over the weekend or something.

Grow up. Show him respect and support, because something like this is a personal choice and it’s none of your business. No, I really don’t think this minor surgery is going to set boys and girls into hysterics because it damages THEIR self-esteem: Bradley was already super lovely and good looking, and now he’s gone and changed something minor about himself, OH HEAVENS ME, WHAT SHALL WE DO? Yes, I think the way his nose looked originally gave him character (and honestly, I never gave it much thought in regards to it being anything but just a nose bc I’ve always thought him to be attractive irregardless) but I also think the new one looks great on him. It actually looks natural, which, for a lot of poor unfortunate souls, is difficult to achieve when not working with an efficient and skilled professional. 

For all we know, maybe Bradley was bullied for his nose during childhood and finally decided to change it. Or maybe he wasn’t and he simply hated the way it looked. There’s a girl with the same issue at my school, and I’m not sure if she was bullied for it much or not, but either way, I knew she hated the way it looked. Why? Because, out of the blue, she got a nose job, showed up to school with the bandage still on like the brave little soldier she was one morning, and it looked really great. It looked natural. And you know what? She was happy. I hardly know her, but from how I see her, she loved the way her nose looked afterward (it also helped a lot that no one gave her shit about it).

I want that to happen for Bradley. I want him to have the relief of something so altering look so good. I want him to be happy with the way he looks. I also want him to know that his fans are supportive in him because what he did has not harmed anyone, not himself, not his fans, not his coworkers. It was a personal choice, and I’m proud of him. He had to be brave to decide to do it for himself.

Nose jobs aren’t a big deal.

Now stop giving him shit and leave it be. It’s just a nose. And it’s not yours. Calm the fuck down.