Things nobody tells you about having a rhinoplasty:

• Your butt is probably going to fall asleep from sitting in a chair for too long.
• You’re going to probably finish watching everything in your Netflix queue by the 4th day.
• Not breathing out of your nose is a pain in the butt.
• You might hit your nose in your sleep.
• It will SERIOUSLY hurt to laugh, smile, or brush your teeth.
• Your teeth will hurt after surgery.
• Along with the aches after surgery, you’ll also get some stinging pains.
• You’re going to need help picking things up for the next few weeks because you can’t bend down.
• You’re going to need help walking for the first few days.
• You’re most likely going to become constipated.
• Netflix will become your life.
• Gross, long black boogers will end up coming out of your nose. (EW)
• Nothing is going to taste good at all until about a week after surgery.
• You’re going to want to eat everything in your kitchen once you’re able to eat solids.
• Your mouth is going to feel like the Sahara Desert.

The list is ongoing.

*this is just what happened to me so far in my recovery. Not everyone will have the same experience.

My Septorhinoplasty journey.


Obviously obnoxious bump on nose, hooked tip.

The result I asked for / hoped for.

Basically was told this couldn’t be achievable  due to her face dynamics compared to mine, basically. Her lip to tip ratio was different to mine, plus she actually has a chin unlike me hah

Scroll down for AFTERS.

Friday 6th September

Surgery (My big day)

Admission was at 11 am. Surgery was at 1:30 pm. I think I cried twice before going under just from pure anxiety! Before I know it I was waking up (literally felt like all I did was blink!). I woke up and felt like I was horribly drunk.  A nurse was checking up on me, and all I could remember was being desperate to touch the cast on my face as my mind tried to focus. Definitely not one of those ‘I’m so out of it’ moments like people expect!

I was taken to my bay in a room with 3 other female patients. I tried to nap, but struggled to sleep because I couldn’t obviously breathe passed the gauze at the end of my nose. All I could think about was 'when can I eat’ and they gave me sandwiches :( which happened to be the most delicious thing in that moment haha

Slept there over night and literally only slept for about half an hour all up. I watched the hours go by and was constantly disturbed by the typical noises of the hospital. I requested sleeping pills at about 3 am but they advised me there was no point! I was glad to see everyone else up by 7 am.

Day 1 - Saturday 7th September

Leaving the Hospital

Surgeon came in at 9:35 am to take off my gauze and told me how everything went. I was out 15 minutes later!

Finally home

I was happy to be home, able to rest in my own bed and get on my laptop. One of the only days that I had pain killers, and i was only taking them as a precaution. Used 4 pillows to sleep, and a U shaped pillow on top of the 4 pillows when on my laptop!

Day 2 - Sunday 8th September

the Worst day

This was by far the worst day for me. My swelling was extremely bad and I feared that my eyes were going to close over. The bruises were red more than black. The pain wasn’t worse, but I was still taking pain killers.

Day 3 - Monday 9th September


on the road to recovery! Bruising was going down and starting to go yellow, which told me it was all healing! Still very house bound, sleeping becoming easier.

Link to day 3 VLOG: CLICK HERE




Day 7 - 13th of September

Getting my cast off

My cast came off at about 12 pm. My surgeon sprayed (what I assume was saline) spray up my nose before preparing to remove my cast. There was a nurse present, as well as my partners mother. I kept asking everyone “do you think it will look good?”. I probably asked my surgeon 20 times throughout the whole experience, both before and after surgery! I asked the nurse what she thought as soon as the cast was off, as she swabbed my face trying to get rid of the bandage marks. They all thought it looked 'great’. I looked at my boyfriends mum and asked her, she gave me a 'it’s not what you asked for..but it’s great’ response, I think I was immediately crushed. I touched my nose and liked what I felt, but what I saw was completely unexpected. My nose was grossly swollen from the front perspective. I could have cried. Then I looked at the ¾ view of my nose and felt even more disheartened. “The main thing is that its a major improvement from what you had before” said my surgeon. But it wasn’t perfect and thats what hurt me the most. I had such high expectations, and the disappointment was even greater. I went home and cried for ages, thinking I’d never go out in public again. Everyone reassured me it is only the swelling and that will go down.

Hours later my partner came home from overseas and I burst into tears fearing he would hate it more than I did. He loved it, and weirdly enough so did everyone else Which is confusing cos I was like 'umm are we looking at the same nose?’ I guess it was such a huge improvement that how could it not be liked?



random photos.


Day 8

What do you guys think?

The Coveted Supra Tip Break

“The supratip is often a coveted featured of a female rhinoplasty.

The area of the nasal bridge thats sits just above the nasal tip. In an ideal female nose the tip projects slightly further forward than this supratip area, creating a “break” in the nasal profile. This can make for a very feminine attractive profile. When possible, surgical creation of a “supratip break” in females is ideal in this feature is often requested.”