nose hoop ring

hello sorry i haven’t had much time in life to post my own content (college is stressful kids) but i have a little bit of free time rn so here have some headcanons

-eddie finally getting really fed up w his mom in high school and deciding he’s gonna be rebellious so he makes richie take him to get his nose pierced

-richie practically swoons when he sees it

-eddie like drops off the radar for the weekend after that and richie is really concerned until eddie walks in the door monday morning wearing black skinny jeans and a leather jacket

-his hair is kinda spiked up and he’s got a new hoop nose ring and he’s got on combat boots

-richie is slack jawed and about passes out

-“eddie, what in god’s name did you do” “i thought about what my mom would hate the most for me to wear, and then i bought it.”

-he has richie give him a stick n poke on his hip and richies hands are shaking bc dear god punk eddie is too hot to handle

-he gets the nirvana smiley face and it’s even wobblier than it’s supposed to be but he loves it bc richie gave it to him and he thinks it’s super edgy ™

-eddie trying to act all hardass and stuff but as soon as i wanna dance with somebody comes on in richies car he’s dancing in his seat and belting out the lyrics with the biggest smile on his face and richie has heart eyes

-punk eddie. that is all.