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12 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

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As soon as they’re far enough away from Kirkwall to breathe, they both decide to cut their hair. 

To see whose will grow back faster,” Hawke jests, but he’s a little teary after the fact. He hasn’t worn his hair short since his family’s flight from Lothering. He thinks of Bethany, and rubs the bridge of his nose to hide his face; Fenris doesn’t let him hide for long.

(spoiler: Hawke’s hair grows back faster. also while its short its CURLY he looks like a black sheep)

Helping hand

request: yes

word count: 1,180

warning(s): mention of abuse

Author’s Note: Sooo…. I heard someone wanted an imagine about the batboys and a reader with troubles at home. Hailey wasn’t comfortable writing it, so I thought I’d fill a void. Thanks - SB

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I’m sorry

Derek Luh x reader

Warnings: Weed and rape.

A/N: Sorry if my grammar is bad.

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Another party with the guys… to be honest I’d love to hanging out with them but there’s only one thing that I can’t stand… weed fume and honestly I know they know it but they can’t help it.

I was sitting on Derek’s lap trying to hide my face from the fume, but as always Derek was smoking too so… I was hiding my nose and mouth on the crook of his neck.

“Are you okay?” Derek whispered to me, I only nodded my head.

“I just don’t like the smell of that shit” I said looking at him in his eyes trying so hard to not to breath.

“Oh… sorry, I turn it off” He threw the joint into the grass and started to step on it to turn it off.

“Come on Derek! If you didn’t want more you could give it to me!” Nate yelled.

“Shut up asshole! and turn that joint off!” Derek yelled back.

“Why? Is here the police to make me do it?”

“No, It’s only that my girl don’t like it”

“I don’t care… Fuck you Y/N!”

“Oh my god he’s so high right now” I said giggling on Derek’s ear.

One hour after all the boys were so high and out of control, except for Derek he was cuddling me non-stop with a smile on his face and I was starting to feel bad because I knew how much he wanted to smoke.

“Derek… do you want to smoke right?” he nodded “Do it”.

“I want to but I am not going to”


“Because these idiots are too high and I know what they do when they are like this, and you are so beautiful and hot which means that someone will try to touch you-” I cut him off.

“So you want to protect me don’t you?” he nodded “I know how to defend myself… you don’t have to worry”

“Just for make sure… do you want a drink?” I said no and he nodded going to get one for himself.

Suddenly a random guy made his way to me. He was pretty drunk, I think.

“Hey beautiful, do you want to have a fun night?” the guy said clearly flirting “I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with me tonight”


“Are you sure? Because you’ve got a great ass to slap and a great hair to pull”

“Again, no”

“I bet that you are the most submissive girl in this party… how cute you will be moaning daddy while I just fuck you for behind” he grinned “I can imagine you begging for suck my cock”

“Yuk, you are so disgusting”

“You didn’t say no this time” he started to move his hand under my skirt, I was in shock never did this happened to me. He found my panties and make his way under them.

“Stop please” I muttered, I was so much scared that my body was blocked and I couldn’t barely move.

“You don’t like it? Oh look what I found” he started to rub my clit “You are so tight baby” then he took my hand and put it on his dick “Come with me”

He made me go to a bedroom and then he threw me on the bed. He climbed on top of me “There is only one rule, do not yell”

He unbuttoned his pants and positioned between my legs. Then he took off my panties and started to finger me.

“I can’t wait to fuck you” He took off his fingers of me and licked them, then he fingered me again “You taste so good”

“Stop please” I cried out “please”

“No-till you don’t taste my cock”

“I can't”

Derek’s PoV

I walked back where I left Y/N but she wasn’t there. I started to search her with my eyes but I didn’t find her so I went to ask the guys.

“Hey bro! Do you know where Y/N is?” I asked Sammy.

“No… Guys! Do you know where Y/N is?” everyone said no.

“Maybe she is in the toilet” Swazz said.

I made my way to the women’s toilet, obviously I couldn’t enter so I asked a girl if she could look for her.

“She’s not in there” the girl said.

“Excuse me! Are you searching a girl with pink and black floral dress?” another girl asked me.

“Yeah, did you saw her?” She nodded.

“A drunk boy took her to a bedroom upstairs… she seemed very scared”

“Thank you” I said before run to find her.

I went upstairs and all I could listen was the music. I walked to one of the doors and tried to listen something of the inside.

“Don’t do it please” I heard her said sobbing.


“I’m here!” she yelled me back.

I opened the door, everything I could see was my girl being only in bra with tears on her cheeks and being hit by a guy. I couldn’t help but started to punch the guy to death.

“You raped my girl” I punched him harder.

I didn’t stop till the guys separated me from him.

“Derek stop!” Sammy said me “go with Y/N, she is near to have a panic attack” when I listen that I turned my head to her.

“D-derek…” she said.

“Babe” I made my way to her and hugged her tight “I’m here” I listened her sob.

“I was so scared” she cried out.

“I know, and I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t let you alone… I will never forgive myself for this”

“It wasn’t your fault”

“I help you get dressed and then we go home okay?” she just nodded “I’m glad you didn’t let me smoke”


“Because I was ready to kill him and without it, he would scape”

“Thanks for saving me anyway” she buried her face on my chest “Everything was so fast… my body was like blocked and I couldn’t do anything… I feel stupid”.

“He is the one stupid not you” I told her.

“Dude! What the hell was that?” Nate screamed once he entered on the room.

“Well… Y/N was in danger and I rescued her, any problem?” I looked at him.

“Yeah, you nearly kill him!”

“I don’t care… no one does that with my girl”

“Derek… we should go home” Y/N said.

“Yeah… let’s go”

Painted Hearts (3)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six;

“Ow, ow, ow,” you groaned tiredly, wincing hard at the pounding headache. It felt like someone was trying to crack your head open with a chisel. Slapping your hand over your eyes and rubbing them hard, you rolled across your pillow and opened your bleary eyes. Your bedroom slowly came into focus, and immediately you knew something was wrong.

This wasn’t your bedroom. The soft grey walls, the fresh white sheets, the tall windows letting in soft streams of golden sunlight – this most certainly wasn’t your bedroom. It was too big, too clean and way too tidy. So where the hell were you?

Sitting up slowly and wiping the sleep from your eyes, you looked around the room, spotting your silver dress and red heels on the white carpet beside you. Your eyes slowly scanned the rest of the room, trying to take everything in and figure out where you were. Suddenly something moved on your right, snapping your attention to the shirtless Sehun sleeping beside you.

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Reunited - One

A/N: First part of my new Jensen x Reader series. I mean no harm towards Jensen, or his family, this is purely fiction. Thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: None I think. Maybe a swear word or two. Alcohol

Wordcount: 1958

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You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, waiting for your friend who was running late yet again. You loved her to pieces, but the girl was never on time.

About fifteen minutes later she finally arrived, storming through the doors looking stressed as always. “I’m so sorry, (YN),” she said, slightly out of breath. “I was just leaving my apartment when my mom called. I tried to hurry it along, but…you know how chatty my mom can be,” Rose said while searching her bag. “Fuck, I left my wallet,” she sighed before sitting down on her chair.

“It’s fine,” you assured. “I got you a coffee… although it might be cold now. You like iced coffee right?” you joked.

She sat down across from you as the two of you got caught up. She had just started her new job as night manager of a nice hotel, and you had been swamped lately with your own business, which was good, but it meant that you didn’t get to see her as often as you wanted.

“We need to have a girls night,” she suggested. “I have next friday off, what do you say? I’ll bring wine,” she said suggestively, bouncing her eyebrows.

“Swap wine with rum and you have yourself a deal,” you countered.

“Oh my god!!! I almost forgot,” she exclaimed loudly, making a few people turn and look at you. “Guess who moved back to town?”


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as fionn isn't totally into the whole internet scene, i could see him relaxing in bed with y/n and being confused as to why she's laughing so hard at her phone!!! and when she goes to explain the meme/joke he'd still be so confused??? it'd be so cute

He’s close to falling asleep and calling it a day, draped over her body with a leg hitched over hers and his head resting upon her chest, with her arms wound around him, phone in her hands as she scrolls through her Twitter. And every time he’s close to drifting off, he hears one of her cute snickers and he can feel her hide her nose into his hair, lips pressing to his scalp as he hums in delight and snuggles further into her chest.

“S’so funny?”

And she’s startled at the sudden break of the silence that swallowed them and she very nearly, and almost, drops her phone on his face. He was making no movements, just a slow and steady and rhythmic breathing pattern, making her think he was simply asleep and content on her chest as he slept off his busy day.

“Oh, you’re awake,” she murmurs into his hair, looking down at him as he lifts his head up from her chest and gives her a tired and lopsided smile, “I thought you were asleep on me.”

“Still awake. Hard to fall asleep when you’re giggling away at your phone. What’s so funny?” He murmurs, his chin resting above the swell of one of her breasts as she locks her phone and sets it down on the mattress, “what are you laughing at?”

“Oh, it was just a meme on Twitter. Quite a funny one, actually.”

“Show it to me,” he smiles, eyes hooded and heavy and he’s sure that if he slow-blinks one more time, his head is going to lull forwards and nestle back under her jaw, “please? Show me it.”

She’s picking her phone back up from the mattress, unlocking it with her thumb print and seeing the page already open from the last time she was looking at it. Turning her phone as he squinted his eyes at the brightness of her screen, slowly adjusting and coming face to face with what she had been snickering at and, quite possible, scrolling through for the last hour that they’d been tucked up in bed. His eyebrows furrowing together as he rolled off of her and flopped down onto his side of the bed, allowing her body to get a little more cooler before he found a way to cuddle back into her in his sleep, whilst his face puckered into a frown.

“I don’t, uh, I don’t get it.”

“Because you’re an old man and don’t know how to use social media,” she teases him, giving his bare chest a poke with her finger, “if you joined the bandwagon of Twitter and Instagram, we could have so much fun sending memes to each other.”

“I don’t even know what these memes are, baby.”

“If you had social media,” she hums, reaching for her charger as she sets her phone on the bedside table, swinging herself round to lay on her side. Head inches from his and a smile on her face, “you would understand them.”

“Explain them to me then,” he smiles, cupping her cheek in his palm, “talk to me about them. I love hearing you talk.” xx