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I saw that person asking for "sex with Jackson" so I was thinking, how about Got7's Youngjae? (btw, you're theme is super pretty, i'm in love with the color palette <3)

Thank you, it took me so long to decide which color lmao.

Sex with Youngjae.

  • Okay so, he is rather vanilla.
  • Kind of submissive but not into power play that much.
  • Moans loudly.
  • Loves white lingerie.
  • Likes it when you’re on top.
  • Never comes before you.
  • Really good at oral.
  • Likes giving oral.
  • Likes getting oral too but he has to be touching you in some way.
  • I feel like he comes quite fast but can go like 4 rounds.
  • High sex drive.
  • Likes biting you.
  • Likes being bitten.
  • Sometimes a little pet play, on both ends.
  • Loves sex where you are sitting in his lap.
  • Heavy breathing and scrunched nose.
  • Hides is face in your neck when he releases.
  • After sex he is vey giggly and blissed.

ok I was discussing this with a friend. So it’s likely that draco malfoy spent a lot of his time in the sun playing quidditch. But what if he got freckles???? and he covered them up with a spell or something because ‘malfoys don’t get freckles’

Good thought for the day: Anna snuggled in the bed in Kristoff’s cabin, tucked deep under quilts and furs. The door bursts open and he is there, arms loaded with snow-dusted firewood. The air he lets in is bitter cold and she hides her nose under a quilt. It doesn’t take him long to build up the dying fire to a roaring blaze, and then he kicks off his boots and sheds his outwear, climbs into bed and Anna scoots backwards into his embrace. “Ooh! You’re chilly,” she shivers. “Sorry, needed to keep the fire going,” he presses a kiss to the shell of her ear. His hand curves along the underside of her heavily swollen belly, “Have to keep my family warm, it’s my job.”


I brought the popcorn over to her. She’s waiting for me to sit down so we can get comfortable together. The movies I got for us to watch.. we probably won’t pay attention to, but they set the mood. It’s so cute how she watches the way I move, like she’s amazed by my body language or something. She points out the way I randomly touch my nose to hide that I like to smell my fingers and how I’m too rough with our dinner dishes and how my arms dangle when I run down the stairs.. she’s interested in me and intrigued with the way that I am.. makes me feel like I’m different from the other girls she might have been with. I ease into her lap and pull the blankets over us, her hands everywhere on my body. She tells me that I’m pretty.. and people tell me that all the time but coming from her it was different. I kiss her cheek and she kisses my neck, I don’t think she was trying to turn me on exactly but she kinda did.. there’s no going back now; we’re gonna get it in, tonight, preferably on this couch.. but yeah, she holds me like I’m her treasure. I’m trying to concentrate on this movie, I really am but I wanna try her on for size.. see what she’s capable of. She smiles when I move or chew some popcorn. She’s not watching the movie, she’s too busy rubbing on my thigh. Now, she’s playing with my fingers, she’s giving me the most intense but lovely butterflies. Her hands have traveled from my hands to my hips, I turn the movie off. “Can we just talk?” She’s tells me that we can do whatever I want. I get up so that I can sit in her lap facing her, I want to make eye contact so I can determine if she can handle my eyes. Our vibe is heavy but gentle; we want to dive into each other but in slow motion. It’s dark and after an hour of talking and kissing, the conversation gets deeper and the temptation starts to win. She takes my shirt off and kisses from between my breast to the tip of my chin, she lays me down on the couch and I close my eyes. Memorable, Magical, Moist moments go by and now we’re just laying there, breathing on each other. The only things I can see are the buttons on the tv systems, the slight light coming in from the window, and the gleam in her eyes. She touches my face and caresses my cheek.. like I’m something precious. I wanna know what she’s sees in me, I wanna know if she even sees me for me, I wanna know what it is that makes this girl touch me the way she does. I’m going to figure it out because I see something, I see her and only her, and I touch her the way I do because she’s golden, she’s golden to me. The popcorn has been spilt on the floor and my edges aren’t straight anymore. I’m going to want this again, I know I will. She’s falling asleep, our legs are intertwined. I’m happy.