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Ocelot: Talk dirty to me ;^))

Big Boss: You ejected the first bullet by hand, didn’t you? I see what you were trying to do, but testing a technique you’ve only heard about in the middle of battle wasn’t very smart. You were asking to have your gun jam on you. Besides, I don’t think you’re cut out for an automatic in the first place; you tend to twist your elbow a little to absorb the recoil. That’s more of a revolver technique. 

Ocelot: haha then what? ;^)

I touched the combination lock. I concentrated so hard I felt like I was dead-lifting five hundred pounds. My pulse quickened. A line of sweat trickled down my nose. Finally I felt gears turning. Metal groaned, tumblers clicked, and the bolts popped back. Carefully avoiding the handle, I pried open the door with my fingertips and extracted an unbroken vial of green liquid.

Thalia kissed me on the cheek, which she probably shouldn’t have done while I was holding a tube of deadly poison.

“You are so good,” she said.

Did that make the risk worth it? Yeah, pretty much.
—  Luke Castellan, The Demigod Diaries
You didn’t think I’d let you spend Christmas alone, did you?

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Fandom: Star Wars - Modern AU
Characters: Poe Dameron x Reader
Word Count: 1,260
Warnings: None, Fluffy Fluff, Maybe tears? Sorry… a little.

[Posting the first of the Forty-Five Holiday Stories shorts here, the rest will be over at AO3
Holiday prompt ideas credit goes to @theo-stilinski  via this post.]

Christmas Eve.
Waist deep snow everywhere.
Unforgiving gusts of cold air sweep through the streets.
The bus you’re on screeches to a halt at your stop, and you ready yourself as best as you can before getting off; pulling your scarf over your nose and your coat as tight as possible. Even so, the freezing air hits you like a brick wall and you -quite literally- stand frozen for a moment.
You are barely able to mumble a “thank you” and a “Merry Christmas” to the bus driver, but somehow you manage; and he, in return, bids a half-smiled “Happy Holidays” your way before closing the doors.

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Aircraft Spotlight:  F6F Hellcat

The bigger, more advanced brother of the Wildcat, the Grumman F6F Hellcat was designed to replace the older aircraft and finally give the US an edge over the Japanese Zero.  In this regard it performed exceptionally, destroying 5,223 aircraft during its service with the USN, USMC, and Fleet Air Arm; this was more than any other Allied naval aircraft, with a kill/loss ratio of 19:1.  Over the course of the war almost 2400 aircraft were lost to all causes, 270 to aerial combat and over 1200 to accidents outside of combat.

The Hellcat competed against the F4U for the Navy’s contract of a new carrier-born fighter to replace the Wildcat.  Both aircraft were built around the P&W R-2800 engine, the same as the P-47, which provided a whopping 2000 horsepower.  While the F4U showed excellent promise it had issues with carrier landings, largely due to its long nose and landing gear legs, which left the Hellcat the winner of the contest; production of the F6F-3, the first combat model, began late in 1942, with the type’s first operational squadron equipping VF-9 of USS Essex in February 1943.

As with the Wildcat, and most US fighters during the war, the Hellcat was armed with six .50 caliber M2 machine guns.  Some variants, mainly night fighters, replaced the inner .50 caliber gun with a 20mm cannon, giving it more offensive striking power.  Hardpoints under the center wing section could carry up to 4000 lbs of ordinance, including 150 gallon fuel tanks, bombs, a torpedo, or HVAR rockets; this gave the Hellcat a potent ground attack capability, and the type dropped 6500 tons of bombs over the course of the war.

The Hellcat became the premier Navy fighter of the war, claiming fifty-six percent of all air-to-air victories for Navy and Marine units.  Its combination of long range, maneuverability, armor, and armament allowed it to gain an edge over most Japanese types fielded during the war; a 13:1 against the A6M, 9.5:1 against the Ki-84, and 3.7:1 against the J2M.  Most of the Navy’s aces were made in the Hellcat, including its top ace David McCampbell with 34 victories.

The US Navy, Marine Corps, and Fleet Air Arm all used the Hellcat through the war, in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.  In most cases the type was retired immediately after the end of hostilities, with the F8F Bearcat for the USN, and various British aircraft for the FAA.  Some Hellcats were used by the French navy postwar in Indochina, and several examples were used by Uruguay until 1960.  Today a fair number of Hellcats remain in museums, including seven in airworthy condition.

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whUUUUUT??!??!! LET’S DO THIS: 1, 10, and 17 (for the au challenge ;))

Omg, anon, I saw Harry Potter instead of Coffee Shop and had a whole other thing planned! If anyone’s interested in seeing that combination, I’ll be happy to write it up lol. 

ALSO, I… kinda cheated on the Ancient Egypt thing? Because there isn’t really much Ancient Egypt in there, beyond the ficlet taking place in Egypt. :D;;; So if you want another prompt, I’d be happy to indulge!

1) Ancient Egypt, 10) Coffee shop, 17) Steampunk

It’s a brilliant idea.  

A mobile coffee shop, set in an airship with a giant, colorful helium balloon, flying across mountains and oceans and serving travelers in unknown lands. Have the occasional supply run at the nearest available mart, in the nearest country, and then they’d be off again. Brewing all kinds of wonderful coffee in nature’s cleanest, freshest air, high up in the sky.

The YuuPhi Treat: a wordplay on a Southeast Asian brand of candy that was popular in the 21st century. So says Phichit.

Their shop takes off, literally and figuratively. People wave at them when they sail by, call out orders when they show signs of landing. Yuuri’s very own Clouds in the Sky frappucino with a glob of whipped cream, marshmallows, and pale blue dye is an impending heart attack and an even bigger hit with the pre-teen adolescents, seeking the perfect sugar-caffeine rush.

Yuuri leans over the railing, peering down at the waters, gleaming and tranquil. “What’s our next stop?”

“We’re over the Mediterranean Sea,” Phichit yells, tugging his goggles up. (Infrared, he bragged once. And conveniently hacks into any system he directs his gaze on.) “I’m thinking Cairo next!”

“Egypt?” Yuuri grins. “Cool.”

“Oh sure, play it cool,” Phichit says with a snigger. “I know you’re dying to check out Viktor’s archaeological dig site.”

“No,” Yuuri huffs, the one word drawn out to linger indignantly in the air between them. “You’re dying to see Chris.”

“Guilty as charged,” Phichit says cheerily.

Yuuri turns back to the sea and inhales the salty air, long and deep. Viktor Nikiforov, historian and celebrity archaeologist, just as the field hit its heyday at the start of the 40th century. With the world in constant flux and technology at such great advancements, the past is now more crucial than ever to find, store, and preserve.

“I wouldn’t mind stopping by the dig site, though,” Yuuri says casually.

Phichit laughs. “Aye, aye, captain.”

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Armstrong, 30, and X-15 #1 after a research flight in 1960.

Dryden pilot Neil Armstrong is seen here next to the X-15 ship #1 (56-6670) after a research flight. Armstrong made his first X-15 flight on November 30, 1960, in the #1 X-15. He made his second flight on December 9, 1960, in the same aircraft. This was the first X-15 flight to use the ball nose, which provided accurate measurement of air speed and flow angle at supersonic and hypersonic speeds. The servo-actuated ball nose can be seen in this photo in front of Armstrong’s right hand. The X-15 employed a non-standard landing gear. It had a nose gear with a wheel and tire, but the main landing consisted of skids mounted at the rear of the vehicle. In the photo, the left skid is visible, as are marks on the lakebed from both skids. Because of the skids, the rocket-powered aircraft could only land on a dry lakebed, not on a concrete runway.

5 things

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

I don’t carry a purse or day to day bag so I’ll list my gear bag.

Sparring gear

Nose spray

Burts Bees lip balm


Elbow sleeve

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

Concho (100 pounds of fluff)

Heavy punching bag

Random assortment of autographed pics from comic/horror cons

My awesome bed

What remains of a recliner that Concho ate.

5 things that make me happy


Awesome friends like @cosmoswithinus and a ton of other rad tumblrs that are too numerous to name.

Star Wars

Tattoos and the coolest artist in the world, Jayson Sample


5 things I’m currently into



Puppy breath


Warm weather

5 things on my to-do list

Win state

Get my black belt

Compete in California

Compete internationally

Be awesomer