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Gohan & Jada, Akitas (3 & 2 y/o), 4th & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “They love sticking their noses in the fountain at Washington Square.”

ShanceFluffWeek Day 5: Cuddles/Hugs

Shiro had the covers wrapped tight around his broad form. They wrapped around all the way up to his mouth so that just his runny nose and upwards could be seen. His hair was a giant rats nest on top of his head, his eyes were red and glassy, and his nose ran like a fountain. And despite the fact that it wasn’t the most ideal picture, Lance still found his sick husband cute.

He sat the hot bowl of homemade chili on the stand next to the bed and placed the back side of his hand against Shiro’s forehead.

“How you feelin’, Babe?”

A heavy sneeze.

“Like shit, Shiro sniffled out. Burying down deeper in his layered cocoon.

Hmm, cussing. Shiro never cussed so Lance is gonna go off a limb and say the cold medicine is probably not working.

“I made you chili. Mamas recipe too. Hot and spicy”

This garnered a peeking eye from the covers and another chattering sneeze.

“If I eat it will you cuddle me until I fall asleep?” Came his puppy dog reply and Lance cooed. Shiro was so cute and child-like when he was sick just ugh, bless~ it was so cute he could squeal.

He smacked a wet kiss to Shiro’s scruffy cheeks and nodded.

“Of course. I’ll have you know my Daddy said I had to most magical cuddles” he mocked bragged, hoping to get a smile from Shiro. And he did. Albeit a watery one, but one nonetheless.

“Well I’ll be the judge of that” he smiled, sitting up. “Your Daddy might have told a lie”

Lance grinned as he picked up the bowl of Chili. It was still hot thank gods.

“Fib” he corrected his husband. “My Daddy said lying is bad so he’d neverrrrr lie to me”

“Oh yeah?” He mused between bites of soup.

“Yeah. Or he’d have one angry baby boy ‘and’ wife on his hands and everyone knows you’d never want an angry wife”

“Right, Hubby” he challenged confidently, cocking and hip and Shiro gave a sheepish grin in answer.

“Right, now eat up cause I promised my daddy and sick husband some cuddles”

Shiro ate it all, between whines, sneezes, sniffles, and trying to give Lance kisses. Which he rejected unless on the cheek or forehead because they didn’t need two sick babies on their hands.

The clinking of the bowl being put down was what snapped him out his thoughts. Shiro wrapped still strong arms around his waist and dragged him under the cover cocoon, blowing a breathless raspberry onto the side of his neck which he squealed too with a giggle.

Shiro snuck a kiss on his lips.

“Mhm, these really are the most magical cuddles. I feel better already”

It wasn’t true, big Lance knew that but the compliment still tickled little Lance the right way and made him giggle deliriously as he cuddled Shiro back fiercely.

“You sick sap” he murmured as Shiro held him tight and burrowed his face into his neck. His breath wasn’t as ragged as it was before, just little wet pants and he squirmed, shuffling around when Shiro practically squeezed the air out his lungs.

“Too tight” he whined.

“Something, something, grumble, grumble” was all he got in return and he sighed exasperatedly fond.

“Fine you big baby, go to sleep while I die from cuddles no biggie”

He laid there contently. Shiro’s wet breaths ghosting his neck gently. It was hot and sweaty but still comfortable and soon it made him yawn sleepily.

Lance smacked a kiss to Shiro’s warm forehead before he drifted off to sleep.


Dreamy Doctor

Summary: V is your Doctor and you have a crush on him so you visit until he gets suspicious and you confess
Members: V x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,454 words

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  You hoped with every fiber of your being that your heartbeat didn’t sound as irregular as it was. The stethoscope lay against your chest as you attempted to breathe deeply and slowly, your clasped hands resting in your lap as your doctor listened intently to the thumping of your heart. Checkups with your doctor usually left you blushing like a tomato.

  Your doctor was someone you liked but despised at the same time, his name happened to be Taehyung, but he told you to call him Doctor V. He had caramel colored hair and alluring eyes that stared at you from behind a pair of glasses that rested on his nose. Not only was he very kind and dorky at the same time, he also knew what he was doing and was very smart, which was something you heavily admired. You had fallen so incredibly infatuated with him, but the only problem was that he was your doctor. You had absolutely no idea whether or not he was married or even interested in you - his only job was to monitor your health and prescribe drugs to you, not ask about your personal life. You had the biggest crush on him ever since you started to see him, however, you felt so awkward liking him due to the fact it was such a random attraction. He was currently measuring your heartbeat as you sat on the examining table and swung your legs back and forth, feeling chills run up your spine as his hand slipped underneath your shirt. His cold fingers trailed up your back so that he could feel your heartbeat and when you looked up at his face, you could see that his warm eyes were clouded with concentration and his eyebrows were furrowed together.

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The plan began with an idle thought.

Glancing at a map earlier this month, Owen Delaney realized something funny: Seen from above, the Diana Fountain in London’s Bushy Park bears a striking resemblance to the bulbous nose of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer — at least, it would if that famous nose of his were blue. At any rate, that fountain-nose would look better if seen in the context of a full face.

So, Delaney decided to do it himself.

Using Strava, a social network that allows athletes to track and share the routes of their workouts, he traced the path of his run through Bushy Park using GPS. The result was a squiggly (and probably sweaty) take on a favorite holiday character, seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Dancer, Prancer, Runner — And Artist? Holiday Cheer, Courtesy Of GPS

Images: Owen Delaney/Courtesy of Strava

Scribble-Doodle: Love in the Time of Allergy

Just a funny little AU story, present time, no powers. I was told I came up with way too many sad AUs. I can do fun. Really. See? See?

Magnus Bane, the owner of Bane Antiques, has visited Lightwood Floral, the little flower shop at the corner of his street, every single day since it opened. He comes in at nine on the dot, buys ridiculously expensive bouquets, flirts with Alec, the co-owner of said little flower shop, and then he leaves again - only to repeat the whole process the next day.

On Thursday, exactly one week after the shop’s opening day, he does not simply come in, though, oh no, he barges in forcefully, making the little silver bell above the door peal almost hysterically.

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Unknowingly Yours, Jack Gilinsky Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Chapter 3:

I woke up extremely groggily with a migraine, a bloody nose, a blank memory, and a crowd in front of me that consisted of 2… 4… 6 very attractive and extremely familiar guy’s faces.

“Shit guys, I think she’s waking up.”

“You sure? God her nose is like a fountain right now.”

“Hey do you guys think now would be a good time to make a vine… or?”

They all chorused, “Shut up Nash!”

Nash. Nash Grier. Oh right, the face I saw before I blacked out and thumped onto the ground.

Suddenly what had happened finally began to process in my brain. Nash Grier hit me with a football. Right now, I’m living many sixteen year old girl’s dreams. Unfortunately, this was my nightmare.

“Um, hi… Where am I?” I noticed the warm wooden bench, heated from the sun that I was sitting on while the guys were surrounding me.

“Oh, sorry. We brought you to our house since we didn’t know where you lived.” A guy I figured was Nash’s brother spoke.

“Hey, aren’t you that Autumn chick? Like the new girl on vine?”

I winced. Damn, now they know who I am. Fantastic.

“Y-Yeah.” Stuttering? Really Autumn? Keep your cool you nerd!

I suddenly came to the realisation that all the guys were from Vine. There’s Nash, and Hayes, Carter Reynolds, Taylor - what’s his last name again? Oh right, Caniff. And Aaron Carpenter, and Shawn Mendes… Shawn Mendes! Fangirl mode activated! Okay Autumn don’t be a dork. Who else was there? I think a few guys are missing.

“You guys are from vine too, right?” I talked slowly and smiled, attempting to not start speaking at hyperspeed.

 They all chimed in a quick “yeah” or something along the lines of that, while also introducing themselves. So they were all who I thought they were! *Mental self five*

“Listen Autumn, I’m really sorry I hit you in the face. The good news is, my throws pretty badass.” I managed to let out a giggle, while still attempting to stifle the pain from my throbbing nose. It seemed to put a smile on all the guys faces. Weird. “So are you okay?”

 “I think I’ll live. But can I get a cloth or bandage or something for the blood? I’m starting to resemble a tampon.”

The guys all chuckled, which was surprising since my strange sense of humour usually just gets disapproving glares. I think I’ve found my people.

After almost completely stopping the Niagara Falls coming out of my nose, the guys asked me to hang with them. Of course on the inside I was like “yaaaaaas bitch yaaaaas” but I kept my cool with a simple “ya, sure”. Super classy.

 They all had penny boards, (of course, as they are a staple for any privileged white kid) so we decided to go to menchies. Hell to the yes.

When we got there, I realised I didn’t have any money on me.

 “Shit guys, I don’t think I can get anything. I didn’t bring any cash with me.” I said it with a small frown.

The guys all looked to each other, and laughed.

 “Autumn, chill we’ll pay for yours.” Shawn, you are a sweetheart with the pipes of god.

I was wearing a HUGE smile while getting my fro-yo on. These guys are really cool. I wasn’t sure how they’d be in real life, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this.

 While we were chilling on the curb outside of Menchie’s eating, Nash’s phone beeped.

“Ooooh, who’s that Nash, your girlfriend?” Taylor practically yelled.

 “Nah guys, it’s probably just his mom.” Hayes added, making the guys burst into laughter.

“It’s actually Jack and Jack, they’re coming in fifteen.”

 The guys all started talking about them. I hadn’t seen their vines, but from what I’ve heard they’re pretty hilarious.

Fifteen minutes went by, and the guys and I were in stitches laughing. We somehow made our way to Nash’s house, and were now on the floor of his basement. I don’t even remember what was so funny, but now I have tears of utter hilariousness rolling down my cheeks from it. My mascara was probably all over my face, and I bet I looked like Twisty from AHS. We then heard two loud hollers coming from the top of the staircase followed by footsteps.

As we started to calm down, I looked up. My eyes went wide as I saw the most attractive being I had ever seen. And I assumed his name was either Jack, or Jack.

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Part 4