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KMason, also known as nosamk, is a photographic artist based in Seattle. He has always had a special love of photography for as long as he can remember. He purchased his first dSLR in the spring of 2007 and have been addicted since then. He mainly enjoy shooting outdoors in available light, from natural landscapes to urban sprawl. KMason captures what was there and doesn’t photoshop his images to reflect a scene that wasnt present. Please visit artist’s website or follow his Tumblr.

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nosamk replied to your post: I should go Bigfoot hunting.

On my trip to Crater Lake I stopped quite a few places along the way. There was a closed campground that I wandered into and I swear there was one watching me

Oregon apparently has more Bigfoot sightings than any other state. The Pacific Northwest as a whole is apparently crawling with them.

I personally saw something in the woods near the Eagle Creek campground a few years ago, but I cannot say for certain that it was Sasquatch.

What I do know is that whatever it was had massive lungs, was breathing heavy, and had red eye-shine. I’d never seen red eye-shine in a local mammal before.