Caña and counting my chickens

Yet again I got drunk because Cabeza de Léon and me thought it would be a great idea to go to mine and drink an entire bottle of Caña..rápido. Anyway, we laughed, a lot, and then it got wierd. He has very recently started seeing a girl and so wierd is definitely not good. We made like hay and bailed on the situation. I went to Panga’s and danced drunk salsa until they closed and kicked us all out.

I also made the very grown up decision to not get on the sail boat. I think my parents worry enough having to contend with my gypsy ways and so I decided to be sensible. I’m sure it would be an awesome experience but I do realise that 2 weeks on a boat with a guy I don’t know could go very wrong. It’s moments like this that make me a little annoyed that i’m a girl, annoyed that the world isn’t and probably never will be equal for us and at the same time hugely aware of and grateful for the freedom and choices i’m lucky enough to have as I know that most women around the world don’t.

Having said all of that I am certain the Italian is a good egg and he has a holiday home in Italy that I can use if I like. So that’s my Summer holiday sorted for next year..winning!