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Fury Road and Laughing Gas

okay guys I prompted my spouse (a chemist) again! You’ll find below some more thoughts on the resources and industry of the Citadel, Gas Town and the Bullet Farm. I’m tagging a few of you guys since you asked questions that will be answered below: rockatanskyandfriends, polecat-flyer, icarus-suraki. Also tagging bonehandledknife since I remember you were interested in the Citadel’s food production.


I want to talk a little bit about nitrous oxide (NOS, laughing gas, nitro). We all know in the movie they are using NOS in their cars in nitrous gas engines to get a quick boost of speed. Since using it dramatically increases the pressure in the engine, it shouldn’t be uncommon, if the engine just kind of explodes when using nitro because I don’t think they can afford to switch and repair their cylinders all the time.

Ok, but the interesting part is, what you can do with NOS and how you get it. We are already using it in our cars, but we also can use it because of its “medical” effects. So last time I already had some thoughts about the Valhalla make-up spray. So it seems they can fill the bottles on their own, because if they can use nitrous gas engines, they are able to fill high pressure tanks. And they fill it with the chrome color spray (probably aluminum particles), a volatile liquid (used to transport the particles, probably some hydrocarbons, which they can get out of the gas production), and NOS because it can be used as propellant. With these three compounds, the spray works and since it is sprayed right in the mouth, a load of it is inhaled.

It was used as narcotic back in the past and is also used as drug. The effects are described as followed: Loss of sense of time, influences perception (optic, acoustic), reduced pain, relaxation and euphoria.

The effects appear a few seconds after consumption and are lasting from 30 seconds up to about 4 minutes. Well if this isn’t exactly what we want for our little warboys! (It also kind of freezes the skin and damages it, so I thought Nux scarred lips are because he tried to get to Valhalla a few times and used the spray too often. But the scars are to even and also only the lips are scarred so I now go with the ritual scar thesis ^^)

The problem is, we need a lot of it, especially it we want to use it in nitrous gas engines. If we take our resources out of a secret mall, I think they would run out of it pretty fast, (I’m not even sure if you can buy big amounts of NOS in a mall) so they must produce it by themselves. That’s where the interesting part begins.

You can get NOS by heating ammonium nitrate. The funny thing is: piss on ammonium nitrate and you have a very good and simple fertilizer, so the Citadel also would like to have a lot of it. Also you can use ammonium nitrate to produce explosives. Ok so how do we get ammonium nitrate? For this we just need ammonia and nitric acid.

Nitric acid can be produced in high temperatures if you for example burn fuel and kind of dissolve the forming nitrogen oxide in water. Ammonia can be found in the mall, where it was sold as cleaning agent. But it’s also a side product of the distillation of coal, which produces hydrogen and methane. This was the main procedure in the 19th century.

So that’s how they get and fill their sprays. Because they can fabricate bullets, we know that they can melt iron, so they have a blast furnace and high enough temperatures. Also they must have some kind of mining, because they need iron ore and coal. Also they need coal and sulfur (which can be extracted from ores) to produce gunpowder. With this it should be no problem to create NOS.
Everything is fine and adds up pretty nice, but the big question still is: where do they get their coal and ore from? There must be a mining place somewhere near the three cities. Otherwise they should run out of resources really fast.