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20170717_182225-02 by Suzy Hazelwood
Via Flickr:
Arty glass… window shopping again!

Croyland Abbey, Lincolnshire
John Sell Cotman (British; 1782–1842)
Graphite and watercolor
The British Museum, London | © Trustees of the British Museum


My friend - Alex Eglington, in front of the old Eastern Electricity building, Westwick Street, Norwich. 

Inspired local artist - Rory Macbeth, has painted all 40,000 words of Sir Thomas More’s novel ‘Utopia’ onto the exterior of the building for the EASTinternational 2006 contemporary art exhibition. 

Although there were plans in late 2006 for the building to be demolished, in 2014 it still stands for many to view and enjoy this unique art piece.

Newest addition of beautiful art to my body
Done by Owen at HD13 in Norwich, UK

Owen’s Instagram

Been making prototype test tube specimens for the boiling tubes that arrived today. Here’s a quick video of the green tree viper illustration test inside the tube! (photos didn’t quite show how cool it looks) 

(ps, you can see the other one, a ball python, in the background too)