norwich art

A Roman cavalry parade helmet, early 3rd century AD and probably made in the Danube valley.

This elaborately decorated helmet was made from a single sheet of metal. It has an eagle’s head on the crest, winged sea-dragons, and a feathered border that ends in a bird’s head.

It is too fragile to ever have been worn into battle. It would have been used as part of a ceremony or parade.

It is in the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

Image from the Leeds Museum and Galleries flickr: Helmet

Kevin Starrs of Uncle Acid, Norwich Arts Centre, December 2016.

Another image similar to the previous one but with a bit more atmosphere. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I love how Starrs’ face is totally shadowed out in this one and how he’s totally shrouded in the blood-red light from behind.


Norwich will always be my spiritual home and my heart sings when I get the chance to go back there. Even better this time that I got to spend the day with one of my very best friends.

We browsed the antiques and record shops, had tea on the market, revisited our old haunts and then headed to the UEA to soak up the brutalist architecture, Francis Bacon paintings and Henry Moore sculptures. Could you ask for a better day out?