norwich terrier

Best in Show @ WKC

Hound : Norwegian Elkhound
Toy: Pekingese
Non Sporting : Miniature Poodle
Herding: German Shepherd
Sporting Group: Irish Setter
Working Group: Boxer
Terrier Group: Norwich

I’m choosing Rumor the GSD for BIS & Adrian the Setter for RBIS

anonymous asked:

Could you do an evaluation on Norwich terriers?

Not well, as I don’t have any personal experience with that breed. However I’d expect them to be similar to other small breeds, like the WHWT and Cairn terrier.

I’d expect to see issues with allergies, luxating patellas, mitral valve disease and portosystemic shunts based on the breeds they are similar too, but can’t give you any first hand experience with this breed.