Norwich H.A.H.D round up

26 food parcels 

12 food parcels for singles

13 food parcels for family’s 

1 food parcels for a couple

which is 53 boxes packed

and enough to feed 66 people for a week

462 days that would have otherwise been spent hungry


Thank you so much to those that came along and I can’t wait till the next one


So today I had the pleasure of going to visit the wonderful folk at Wild Touch animal rescue & rehab and their awesome gang of resident beasts. These two are Bracken the fox and Hugin the raven!

I took a TONNE of photos of these guys and their animal buddies which I’ll be using for reference for some new illustrations soon, so keep an eye out :)

(ps. That’s Bracken’s ‘handler’s’ hand, Bracken is a descendent of a line of fur farm foxes, so rehabing and releasing her into the wild is impossible. Same with Hugin, he was clipped by his ‘owner’ too early and can’t fly properly. They’re most definitely not pets.)