I’ve had a few messages over the last few months telling me that this post was invalid and can’t be reblogged/liked?? … can’t figure out why?? I don’t like to repost things (especially when they’re over 6 months old and really out of date) buuuut here it is again… kitty breeds! <3 

Fox version here! 


This is Cheese, we think he might be part Norwegian Forest cat because he’s HUGE. My parents had to shave his belly today to get rid of some bad knots, which explains the first pic. He’s a monster, but we love him.

“God, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Carnation Instant Bitch?”
Here’s @warriorsredux’s Bluestar.
Stern and grumpy, but I still love her.
I also really like how Firepaw totally fucks with her on a constant basis.
Like, I can just imagine Redtail being like “Bluestar?”
And she’s always like “What did he do this time?”
Or Firepaw saying hi and she’s like “What did he do this time?”
“No, it’s me!”
“What did you do this time?”
It cracks me up every time XD